When There Isn’t Enough Tax Revenue to Cover Basic Public Services
Nicole Dieker

You know what, FINE. These short-sighted tools want taxes so low that the county clerk’s office can’t run an election, then they don’t get to have a vote in any elections. Sounds like a fair way to eliminate the overvaluation of the rural vote.*

*I’m not 100% serious, but as a Seattleite I have a lot of frustration right now about people who constantly get handouts from urban liberal areas, are extremely over-represented at the state and federal governments, and then still manage to ruin their own little towns so nobody has a chance to escape. I mean, shutting down THE LIBRARY? Where else are poor folks supposed to go to get internet access for jobs and learning materials? Aaaaaugh. AND ALSO, Washington State is not wasteful. We show this time after time through auditing and financial transparency. But now that business no longer funds the community like they once did (timber is long gone, and now we *pay* employers like Microsoft and Boeing billions just to be here), somebody has to pay for stuff…and it should be all of us, not just me. Jerks.