25 pounds lost

Today I am not only grateful for but celebrating a 25 pound weight loss. I had gotten up to 145.2 pounds which is way too heavy for someone as small as me. My weight today read 120.2 pounds.

I was so happy that I danced while gathering towels together for a load of laundry. (Sorry no picture of that as only the cats were home with me at the time.)

Today I am celebrating a 25 pound weight loss.
Today I am celebrating a 25 pound weight loss.

My next goal is to reach 117 pounds as that will mean I will have lost 20% of my body weight. I hope to slowly get down to at least 100 pounds but for today I am thrilled to have lost 25 pounds.

I plan to primarily stick with the Eat to Live Nutritarian diet (which does allow up to a 10% “cheat”) and continue to work on slowly increasing my daily activity level. I know the weight loss will continue to slow down as I lose more weight. That’s fine as long as the weight continues to come off.

Originally published at We Are Grateful For.