3 Reasons Your Manager Should Support Pre-Conference DevOps Certifications

“Killing two birds with one stone,” one of the English-speaking world’s most timeless adages, has endured quite nicely from the old days all the way to the age of DevOps. Why? Because we as a society, specifically as a tech-centric society, are obsessed with productivity.

Two of the principles that echo DevOps’ very essence are collaboration and holistic thinking — so doesn’t it make sense that we apply those principles to our experiences at the time-consuming and sometimes expensive (though very valuable) conferences we attend?

Here are 3 reasons that will have your superior clamoring to send you to a pre-conference certification while at a DevOps conference:

  1. Interact with people like you, who are also not exactly like you

Often times we are too close to our work or our projects. We have habits, routines, and processes, and we have them for a reason — because they work. As DevOps believers, we know how integral continuous and reliable processes truly are, but perhaps the exact boost your current process needs will stem from the experience of another DevOps professional you meet in your classroom, and not on a large echoey conference floor.

The collaboration that takes place during the poignant and thought-provoking discussions among like-minded, yet unrelated learners in a classroom is irreplaceable, and will likely be what you reference when you go back to your organization with suggestions for improvement.


2. Master the latest and most cutting-edge DevOps practices

A phrase so rich in its foundation, DevOps is both prone to and immune to change at the very same time. As a practitioner, you know the groundbreaking impact DevOps can have on an organization with its unwavering basic principles alone — but the terminology, the conversation, and the execution of the DevOps of today are very likely different from the ones you heard about at last year’s conference.

These new terms, conversations, and strategies are exclusively discussed within the four walls of the classroom far before they evolve into common practices. Be in the know. Stay current. Aspire to inspire with a fresh take on DevOps that will breathe change and productivity into your organization all over again.


3. Increase your organization’s ROI

To put it quite simply: get more bang for your buck. With the numerous (albeit justified) expenses involved in sending an employee to a DevOps conference, the question arises — why NOT take a course and become a certified expert in your field while you’re there?

Not only does your presence in a pre-conference course shape your career, but it has the opportunity to create a major forward-thinking shift in how your company operates following your return.


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