Take Charge Of Aging

“Few people know how to be old.” François de la Rochefoucauld

Aging is scary. First we learn that we’re not invincible. Then, that everything we took for granted can fail and does, gradually. Little by little, we are forced to retreat from being go-getters to a mode of self-defense. We are less and less participants and more and more embittered on-lookers.

The timing of aging is all wrong, too. We have just become comfortable with the identity, position, image and self-image it took many years to build. No wonder that when the aging process kicks in and the signs of aging become apparent to us and those around us, many panic.

In the state of panic, some seek help from their doctor, some turn to hormone replacement therapy, some to plastic surgery, cosmetic injections, etc. Precious few find the support and solutions they need.

While medicine accepts age-related decline as normal and seeks to manage its symptoms, cosmetic treatments and hormone replacement therapy address selected aspects of aging, only.

To the individual affected, the aging experience can be like an on-going natural disaster that destroys more and more and costs more and more while imposing more and more on the freedom to look, be, perceive and act as we used to. For many, the aging process is akin to watching their home being robbed and being unable to stop the robbery.

The experience is intimidating. We are used to relying on professional services and now — sometimes, for the first time — this reliance is being tested. We are under siege, we have the experience, the professional service providers don’t seem to grasp the extent of it.

There is another way! Desperation doesn’t have to be your new companion. You have the option to take charge of aging YOURSELF. A little knowledge of the aging process, nutrients and natural remedies can alleviate many age-related problems and significantly improve your experience of aging. We still have to die, eventually, but wouldn’t you rather be fully functional and alive for as long as you are here?…

“Green Anti Aging”, written by a health coach Sturm Enrich — not a medical doctor — provides natural, safe and effective solutions to health problems related to aging.

Did you know that:

• Aging telomeres can be rejuvenated?
• Eating richer is the key to healthy weight?
• Tired body organs can be restored?
• High blood pressure and high cholesterol don’t have to be your problems?
• Age-related hearing loss and creaking joints can be remedied?
• The immune system can be “rebuilt”?
• Hormonal balance can be safely restored? 
• Osteoporosis can be prevented and even cured?
• and these are only few examples!

The devastation of aging ISN’T inevitable. Aging is a combination of factors that often have us overwhelmed. Individually, each of them can be successfully conquered without prescriptions, toxic injections or surgeries.

No one can stop time. Passively surrendering to the aging process however is optional, even if you are on a budget.

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