A few months ago Rihanna revealed that her latest footwear for puma would be a pair of faux fur slides. Like with everything Queen RiRi does, her new cosy sandals caused a lot of hype. Her suede creepers were a major sell out! To be expected, it was no surprise that when her fur slides dropped they sold out in minutes. The Fur Slide features a comfortable soft tooling and stylish faux fur strap with a smooth satin foam backing for an added premium touch. The initial colours released were Black, white and Blush pink!

It seems like other retailers are catching on to the trend and have started to release their own designs this season. High street stores such as Zara have created cheaper alternatives. And the Givenchy’s mink fur version is an absolute steal!

There is no denying that these slides are comfortable and fashion forward. However, I’m still not convinced if I should purchase. Yes! I am a major Rihanna fan and in my opinion I believe she can do no wrong! Perhaps, I’m just not brave enough or I need a little bit more convincing.
The main questions I ask myself when I’m in two minds about spending on clothes are: How long will this trend be popular? Can I still wear these in 2017?

What are your thoughts one of this year’s biggest trend ‘The Fur slides?

Click the links below to see what my top three picks are.

Givenchy Black Slides

Zara Faux fur slides

Joshua Sanders Fur pom pom Platform Slides

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