Can I wear shorts to the office?

It’s the first week of July and the weather seems to be holding up. A spec of sunshine seems to be giving off hope for a brighter and warmer summer. This lead me to as ask: Would you wear shorts to the office? Perhaps it’s down to the fact that us Brits aren’t all that used to warm weather and the thought of wearing anything that is not in line with our everyday work attire is just bizarre. If you were called into a meeting with your managers and the CEO, would you feel comfortable wearing shorts? There is no right and wrong answer, it all depends on the industry you work in. If you are in a really corporate background with a strict dress code then the answer is probably not!

Hollywood stylist Hayley Atkins says “You should treat shorts as a chic alternative to pants; treat them like a polished piece as opposed to something you’d wear on the weekend.”

If you are thinking about wearing shorts to the office, here are three things you should consider before you do:

1. Does your work place have a dress code policy?

2. Your work culture, do you work in a creative atmosphere? Or conservative

3. Do you feel confident?

Getting dressed for a day in the office in the middle of summer is something even the most sartorially engaged seem to struggle with.

These are a few fun tips on how you can pull of shorts in the office.

Keep it smart
The length should be appropriate; the hem of your shorts should sit around three inches above your knee.

Choose a high waist shorts with a clean hemline. Avoid bold patters and noisy prints. The only patterns you should opt for are a soft polka dot or understated pin stripe

Simple colors
Aim for classic colors, like black, khaki, navy, and if you dare, white. Black is always flattering.

Style it professional
Tuck in a nice blouse and wear it with a blazer. Shorts also work with a stiletto heel, a menswear-inspired Oxford, and dressy sandals. Dress it up the same way you would with a pencil skirt.

Have you ever worn shorts to the office? Let me know how you style your shorts .

Queen Teshna

Style counsel’s Style Expert

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