How to take the perfect changing room selfie

Changing room selfies are a big part of how Style Counsel works and we know how difficult it can be to get a great picture to upload. We can relate to the struggle but have learnt some tricks of the trade overtime. Here are our top tips for achieving selfie perfection.

Light up

Lighting makes or breaks a selfie. Luckily the majority of changing rooms have very bright lights benefiting our selfie habits, but if this isn’t the case utilise your flash! General rule of thumb, the brighter the better.

Find that angle

If we have learnt one thing from Kim Kardashian it is chin down and camera up.

Act natural

Everyone looks their best when they’re smiling! Don’t try too hard when taking a changing room selfie, relax and act natural. For a more candid shot try saying a word whilst taking the picture or maybe two, Style Counsel would work!

Avoid ducks

The duck face was so 2004, don’t take cliché selfies you will regret them later on.

Get snap happy

Never stop at one selfie. Kylie Jenner admits to taking 500 before she finds the perfect one! Give yourself a lot of choice!

Now give it a go on the Style Counsel app:

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