In conversation with Ashleigh Hamman

It’s time for you all to meet the wonderful Ashleigh Hamman. This Instagram/Youtube star sat down to tell us all about her personal style… what she would take to a desert island and of course what kind of music she listens to when she’s getting ready. Make sure you head over to her channels and show her some love.

1. How would you describe your own personal style?

Laid back and comfy with a sprinkle of quirkiness.

2. What trends are you loving this season?

I’m not really one to directly follow the trends, I don’t actively seek out to constantly be ‘in fashion’. However, I naturally do follow them without particularly realizing it because they swarm the shops! I am loving the straight leg jeans that are everywhere right now, styled with a pair of low calf painted boots.

3. Who is your style Icon?

Alexa Chung is always somebody I will go back to for style inspiration but who doesn’t? I also always look to Kate Moss as an absolute style icon. I actually get a lot of my style inspiration from other bloggers like ‘HannahLouisef’.

4. What trends do you think will be big this year?

Comfies! Embroidered baggy jeans that pull in at the waist and have and a lightweight simple T-shirt. The off-duty model look thrown in with an extra bit of style because well, we can’t all look like super models in a plain T and a pair of jeans.

5. Where do you tend to buy your clothes, and why?

Topshop and Urban Outfitters. They always have clothes that I love and I am able to mix and match with their new season stock and what I already have in my wardrobe. I have also been getting into my thrift and vintage shopping! But that takes a bit of practice to really find ‘the goodens’.

6. What fashion blogs do you follow?

My favorite has to be ‘HannahLouisef” as I mentioned above, but this is very closely followed by ‘What She Said’ and of course ‘Man Repeller’.

7. Do you listen to music when you are getting ready? If yes, what’s your favorite playlist on Spotify?

Absolutely! I have recently been making monthly playlists of my own in an attempt to force me out of my little music comfort bubble, I link these onto my blog each month because I often get into a rut with a certain artist and then I completely overplay them. If I am not feeling this then my go to playlist on Spotify is ‘Monday Motivation’ and ‘Your Coffee Break’.

8. Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?

I hope to be married with a little family of my own but more than anything I hope to be happy and settled into a career. Ideally within fashion and ideally in London, but I won’t be too fussy.

9. What are your 2017 goals?

At the moment my main goal is to graduate!

10. What do you find are the top questions your followers tend to ask you most?

Usually ‘where did you get this (item of clothing)?’

11.Pretend you’ve agreed to participate in Celebrity Island with Bear Grylls. You’ve been told that you are only allowed to bring 5 items of clothing (including shoes and swimwear) and 3 beauty products what would you bring?

Clothes I would bring- A good pair of classic Doc Martens, a rain coat, my favorite Victoria’s Secret bikini, a trusty pair of Topshop Jamie jeans, and a simple soft T-shirt.

Beauty products- Shampoo (I can’t handle dirty hair), a razor (similarly I can’t handle being hairy but that’s just me) and my pixi moisturizer.

12. Where are people most likely to see you?

Sadly, at the moment I spend most of my time in my office/make-up room huddled up over my computer in the corner, pretending to be writing my dissertation, but actually getting distracted by online shopping.



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