In conversation with Hayley Hunter

Check out our interview with the uber creative blogger Hayley Hunter, who is a Print, Textiles & Surface Pattern student from Leeds College of Art. Hayley is blogging about all things creative sharing her love for art, design, beauty, interiors & lifestyle

1. How would you describe your own personal style?

I’d describe my personal style as simple and relaxed but with a bit of a grungy edge. It’s really important that I always feel comfortable in my clothing and so I wear a lot of soft, oversized clothing. Most of my clothes are black, grey or stripy and I love a chunky pair of black boots paired with some skinny distressed jeans!

2. What trends are you loving this season?

I’m absolutely loving the dusky pink colour that is dominating the high street at the moment! I’ve never been a fan of pink before but there’s something about this grey tinged colour that I absolutely adore. I also really love the ruffle trend and although I’m not sure I can pull it off myself, I have started to incorporate it a bit into my wardrobe through jumpers with little fluted sleeves and crinkly necklines!

3. Who is your style Icon?

I’ve always loved Luanna Perez-Garreaud’s style but I don’t think I have one definitive style icon. I’m lucky enough to go to a dedicated art university where I’m constantly surrounded by people who push artistic boundaries and this confidence of expression definitely extends to their fashion choices too! I love the diversity of styles that I’m exposed to on an everyday basis and tend to take inspiration from lots of different people. I think it’s exciting to see someone wearing something a bit ‘out there’ and experimenting to see how I can fit that into my own personal style.

4. What trends do you think will be big this year?

I think increased tactility within minimalistic garments is going to be huge, enabling a classic feel through shape but adding interest through fabric manipulation and juxtaposed textures! I’ve also noticed that stripes seem to be appearing a lot (yay!) in a bold, statement way so I’m very excited for that!

5. Where do you tend to buy your clothes, and why?

I currently work part-time for H&M alongside my studies and I absolutely love shopping in their Trend Collection at the moment; the items are of a higher quality and you can clearly see how catwalk trends have been reinterpreted into more wearable items. I’ve also become more consciously aware of the detrimental environmental impact that fast fashion is having upon the world and so I’ve started trying to make more considered choices. I’ve started a capsule wardrobe of higher quality items that will wash well and stay looking classic for a longer period of time, rather than buying into every fleeting trend. I’m loving Zalando to search through clothing by brand/material so I can make more environmentally conscious decisions, as well as H&M’s Conscious Collection that promotes sustainable, ethical and environmentally friendly clothing through donated recycled fabrics.

6. What fashion blogs do you follow?

I follow a lot of fashion blogs but my all time favourites are Luanna ( and Beth Norton ( — they both make such unique fashion choices and take gorgeous photos! I’ve also recently started following Kate Drury ( and I love her style as I can always imagine myself wearing the outfits she puts together!

7. Do you listen to music when you are getting ready? If yes, what’s your favourite playlist on Spotify?

I usually watch YouTube videos instead of listening to music! I’m loving Rhiannon Ashlee, Hannah Maggs/The Michalaks and Samantha Maria at the moment. They all have great style and seem so lovely in their vlogs too!

8. Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?

I’d love to be working as a trend forecaster for a big fashion company! I love researching, putting together concepts, writing articles and playing around with styling and photography, so to get to do that on a daily basis would be a dream.

9. What are your 2017 goals?

I’ve just written a blog post reflecting on my 2016 goals and setting some new ones for 2017, but I essentially just want to be more confident in my own creative abilities, say yes to more opportunities and stop worrying about post-graduate life and go with the flow!!

10. What do you find are the top questions your followers tend to ask you most?

I post a lot about my mental health struggles online so I usually get asked for a lot of advice regarding eating disorder recovery. I think it’s really important, to be honest about these things and to know that sharing my own experiences helps others in some way makes it a lot easier to be so open about something so personal. I also post a lot of my university work online, which is usually made out of unusual materials such as rubber and concrete, so I always get people asking ‘how have you made that?!’ It’s really exciting and flattering to know that people are interested in learning about my design process!

11.Pretend you’ve agreed to participate in Celebrity Island with Bear Grylls. You’ve been told that you are only allowed to bring 5 items of clothing (including shoes and swimwear) and 3 beauty products what would you bring?

I’d definitely take the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer as it’s a lifesaver for my permanent under-eye bags, a volumising mascara to make me look more awake and the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow to gimme some good lookin’ brows as I’m a chronic over-plucker!! Clothing wise I’d take some distressed denim shorts, a plain cami and a pair of sunglasses. I’d forfeit any swimwear in favour of an extra pair of shoes as I can’t actually swim!! So I’d take some practical shoes like Dr Martens for trekking through the island, as well as some cute sandals for on the beach!

12. Where are people most likely to see you?

It’s very cliché but I’m usually in the studio at university or cosying up in a coffee shop!

You can find Hayley here;

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