In conversation with ‘The Elle Next Door’

We sat down with Ellie from The Elle Next door to discuss all things blogging, fashion and home comforts.

1.How would you describe your own personal style?

This is such a tough one but I would say that I have quite a simple style with a rock/boho edge. I love classics blazers, leather trousers, jackets and a classic shirt but I also love long boho dresses.

2. What trend are you loving this season?

I’ve still not let go of flared sleeves which came in over the summer, but for this season I love how much metallic there is in the shops.

3. Who is your style Icon?

I absolutely adore Olivia Palermo and Rosie Huntington Whiteley but mostly it’s just bloggers that inspire me.

4. Where do you tend to buy your clothes, and why?

I honestly can buy clothes from anywhere, I really don’t believe in buying all designer, so my wardrobe tends to be Primark, Zara, H&M and River Island (basically anything on the British High Street!) however I have recently purchased a few investment pieces from Maje which I adore.

5. What fashion blogs do you follow?

Too many!! I really love Fashion me Now, Kenza Zouiten, Emma Hill and Lorna Luxe always has incredible looks.

6. Do you listen to music when you are getting ready? If yes, what’s your favourite playlist on Spotify?

I don’t, I am such a netflix girl and will happily watch an episode of a series, Grey’s anatomy being my all time favourite!

7. Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?

Hopefully married with kids and still doing a job I absolutely love. I would like to still be travelling the world but hopefully not as stressed as I am now.

8. What are your home comforts?

Blankets, candles, Lush baths and tea… anything cosy!

9. Trainers, what are your favourite?

You can’t beat a classic Converse can you?

10. What do you find are the top questions your followers tend to ask?

They mostly ask where I get items of clothing from and also video requests are a big one!

11.Pretend you’ve agreed to participate in Celebrity Island with Bear Grylls. You’ve been told that you are only allowed to bring 5 items of clothing and 3 beauty products what would you bring?

A flattering bikini, Converse and a comfy but light midi dress. Beauty wise, I’d have to say my Liz Earle cleanser and moisturiser and Laura Mercier’s secret camouflage concealer.

12. What places are people most likely to find you?

Starbucks, in any High Street clothing store, wandering London or New York or wrapped up in bed with snacks and a Netflix series!

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