“For young men just starting out, I would want to persuade them to slowly build a wardrobe based on conservative taste and good quality.”
-G. Bruce Boyer, Fashion Journalist, Menswear Specialist

You always remember the first time. Getting a suit, that is. Your first good suit is one of life’s…

I’ve been re-watching some TV shows to give me background noise when I’m working from home. One of the ones I never really got into the first time around is Parks & Recreation. If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s a docu-comedy that follows around the employees of the Parks…

News hit this month that Goldman Sachs, one of the strongholds of required formal style, is loosening its dress code and shifting away from the required suit and tie that was once universal within the finance industry and across the professional world. …

James Thomson-Sakhrani

Founder of Style Standard, an online curated men’s essentials platform focused on formal accessories, grooming, and lifestyle products.

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