10 Tips for Men to Avoid Hair Problems

Although hair are dead part of body but surprisingly still it requires proper attention and care to look best. In common practice men don’t take much care of hair which leads to hair-raising problems. Here are some tips to maintain healthy hair for men.
• Give your hair an egg wash for proteins once in a month
• Don’t rub hair hardly with towel after washing because it causes breakage
• If you have dry hair , use conditioner and avoid over washing
• If you are facing problem of hair loss, adopt cropped short style and get rid off comb
• Wash hair with clean water and apply conditioner before swimming, it reduces damage caused by chlorine which exists in pool water
• Never over dry hair with dryer rather allow hair to dry naturally
• To remove hair wax apply shampoo directly to dry hair prior to rinsing
• Avoid washing hair with over cold water because it make blood capillaries of scalp to constrict
• Avoid excessive use of products for hair styling

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