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We recently introduced a change to how we give feedback at Stylight. The way we introduce organisational changes assumes that our culture is mostly aligned with an Agile mindset (compare [Sohata]). We think everyone should have an opportunity to contribute. …

Asking Johann, our new Engineering Evangelist who freshly started a week ago, why he made the decision to work at STYLIGHT, one of the things he pointed out was that he liked how diverse the team is. A few facts about our diversity:

  • 50% of our team is from outside…

At the conference last June, we had the honour to have Christian Hardenberg giving a talk on the 10 things he has learned as Rocket Internet CTO. The talk was so insightful that we decided to transcribe the best parts of Christian’s talk below:

1. Page speed matters:

conversion rate is directly correlated…

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