10 Ways To Make Money Now!

I know that you have been struggling in your business and not made that kind of money that was your goal for 201g so far. But there are a million ways to make a million dollars, so get to work honey. You can make it. If you are a spiritual entrepreneur or you work on a more alternativ basis I know it can be hard to put yourself out there and just ask for the sale. But if you don’t sell anything you don’t have a business and you can’t help people. So you are doing non a favor NOT showing up and talking about how you can serve them.

I never run out of ideas so I do make money in my business. And I have grown my social media followers pretty fast, so can you if you only take some time and work on it.

Here are 10 ways you can make money in your business today.

  • Write your fist book and sell it. My first book I wrote in Norwegian was a stylebook and I think i sold 10 copies the first day. My second books was a PDF file I just sold to my clients online for $12. Then after a week the price went up to $17. Now I write 4 books a month and the more I write, the more i make.
  • Make an audio course of a topic you know your client need to learn more about. Maybe it’s about mindset, workout, health, fitness, meditation etc. Sell it for a low cost as $25. The price is up to you. this you can make in a day and it doen’t have to be long.
  • Offer your audience the change to work with you 1:1 only 1 hour so you can kick their butt into action. Price it the way you like to. this offer you also can out up today.
  • Make a 10 days video course with a topic that you know your clients will love. Sell it for $25 — $97. All up to you. I have a 10 days online coarsen how to be more glamourous.
  • Offer a more long going program with your clients like 3 month up to 6 month. Price it the way you feel is ok for you.
  • Everyone shovel have a VIP day in their business. Make this day fun and exciting for both your client and you. Give great value and make life easier for your clients after a VIP day with you.
  • Live event is really popular. People like to travel, connect with others and meet you in person. you can do this in your local hometown, travel to London, Paris or Milan or wherever you like to meet up with your clients. Make it fun, give great value and let them feel like a queens for a day.
  • Make your own live group program 6–8 weeks where your clients can join and interact with each other, ask you questions live on the call and grow as they go. You can throw in bonus etc. all up to you.
  • Make webinar on a topic you know your clients woful like and then give them great value. Sell tickets before the webinar and after you can sell it as a home study course.
  • Membership program. Create your own for your clients and make money that way. You help them every week with their questions and give them answers to how they can grow in their business. Price it between $25 — $197 pr month. All up to you.

So there you go. So many options for you to make money in your business. Why are you whining about that you can’t do this and that? You can. The only tiny little thing is that you must JUST DO IT. Get it? Nothing will be done until you start. So pick one thing today and just start to make money. Let me know how it goes.


PS. If you have been struggling in your business and know that you can’t do it all alone, then sign up for a breakthrough session and let’s get you rocking today!