Act From That Place Now!

We all got it totally wrong when it comes to having what we want. We can make it happen so so much easier than we do. the thing you want right now to see happening you can have, but you are actively blocking it from having it.

You are maybe holding on too tight and want to FORCE it to happen or you have just given up. You think that you don’t deserve it and that you have to pay a price to get it.

Well, you got it wrong.

You want a blossom business with tons of clients and money? Then act from that place now. Take daily action NOW like you are already there.

You have to step into to become that woman TODAY if you want to be her. Get it?

How would she walk, talk, dress like, act, speak, sell, be online, do her business?

Do you think that million dollar business woman will take time out and have a breakdown every morning that she makes no money in her business or think that she is not good enough to show up on camera and sell her stuff.

She will go all in.

She knows she deserves money and clients.

She will do the work.

She will take care of her business, her family and herself.

She can do it all.

She will focus on the long term goal and don’t look for evidence all the time.

“Is it there yet? When will it come? It will never happen”.

That million dollar business woman you see yourself as is already there. If you can see her in your mind, she is already there.

Let me ask you a question. If you have those dreams you have right now, who put them there?

As long as you have those dreams you have to act FROM that place now.

Then you will get there.

The easy way you to to where you want to be is to go there now. This is how:

  1. Figure out what you want
  2. Decide that it is already done. It is happening
  3. Act accordingly as you are already there

And another thing you can do to really speed thing sup. think about one area in your life that you are killing it. Maybe it is your health, fitness, cleaning the house, taking care of the kids, etc. One area that you have totally success in. Then you apply those things you did to get there, your success mindset in that area, and apply it to being a kick ass superwoman who makes 10K months or more.

Success is easy, but only a few can see it.

Success comes from within.

First, you have to see in in your mind, then you can see it happening in front of you.

Act from that place now.


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