Don’t Give Your Power Away!

You have lost all faith in yourself. You, the human being. How long will it take for you to get back to your real self? The one that is connected to her soul, her heart?

You are looking to the right and to the left to see what everyone else is doing. You think the solution to your problem is outside of you.

It’s not.

It has never been so.

What are you searching for, really? Money, fame, to be liked by everyone?

Or are you so afraid that your friend, colleagues, family members will not like you anymore if you take another pathway than they do? Can you really step it up and be honest, real, speak the truth?

I don’t think so.

If you say you will, I don’t believe you. I need to see proof. I need to see YOU stepping it up and give full responsibility to yourself again.

Don’t give your power away.

You have always had it in you. Since you were a little girl you knew that you were special. That you could change the world. You always had that gift.

Why do you hide it?

Are you not sick and tired living life on other people terms? That is called being trapped in a prison.

Why do you need to conform to someone else? Don’t you have all the power you need inside?

You can’t post uplifting post on Facebook and then don’t follow it yourself. Get it?

Don’t give your power away. Trust yourself for once in your lifetime. You know what to do. You know your next step. Do it. Just fucking do it.

Life will pass anyway. You will be old, fat, sick and tired of running around playing by someone else’s rules.

That powerful woman you say you are. I do not see her. Where is she? Yes, maybe she is inside of you, but you are very good at keeping her a secret.

Stop giving your power away to other people, the President of US, your mother, your children, your husband, your friends. Show the fuck up in your own life and take charge over it.



PS. I have a challenge going on now in my kick-ass Facebook group. #showthefuckup. Join here.

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