Fuck The Plan!

Yes, I really mean it. Fuck the plan! If you got a business and a business plan that you want so badly to come true then keep on dreaming. No one tells you that the plan is just to show in the investors face and to suit the bank if you want a loan there. the plan is worth shit because it will never happen. It’s like me saying I want to slim down 5 kg in a month and by following a plan. That will not happen. I hate planning and who has ever in their life stuck to a plan? Really?

Yes, you can plan out how much coaching sessions you want to sell, how many online courses and how many books you want to push into the marketplace. Non of that is going to happen unless you are a robot, and I guess you’re not. Right?

The plan is boring, unrealistic, will not happen because what will happen is life. Life gives you shit, lemons, bad things, people die, you get sick, you will crash your car, your kids drive you crazy, you may get divorced. That is not in the plan. Right?

So what will work then?

  1. Dream big and set up your top 3 priorities every single day that is aligned with your goals
  2. Grow your audience with blog post, videos, podcast, interview, get your pretty face out there! (Yes, you are pretty honey get used to it)
  3. Sell something. Ask for the fucking sale. How hard can it be? You got something to sell, ask people to buy from you. Send out a newsletter, have a PS after your blog post, make an offer in your videos, post on Facebook etc.

So the plan you have to do those things in that kind of order is pretty exhausting and will not happen. If you want to have success in your business you can say goodbye to some kind of blueprint. What has worked for someone else will not work for you. Find your own way and just flush your plan down the toilet. It actually belongs there.

So get to work now and keep hustling with style.


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