How to not give up on your dream to leave your 9–5 job and stay on track!

You feel it in your bones. You feel restless. You feel bored. You even ask yourself “is this it?”. “Is this what my life is supposed to be all about?”.

Then you leave your desk to go to the toilet and have your little cry. Think that no one else feels like you. You think that your life is over and that you have to stick to this corporate job forever. Right?

You should just be grateful that you have a job. You tell yourself that there are many others out there that dream about just having a job like you have. You feel a little bit ashamed to be so greedy that you want to have it all. That you feel that your life could be even better than it is now. Today.

No one really understands you. They seem so happy about bitching about their life, the government and how much everything cost.

You can’t leave. You have kids to feed, the mortgage to pay and you want to definitive buy that new designer bag you have your eyes on for a while. No, it is not possible you tell yourself.

Then you go back to your desk. Smile to your coworkers and think that soon, very soon the clock will be 5 PM and you can go home.

Then you can finally release this fear around not living your life on purpose and having freedom. You stuff your face with chocolate and then watch some Netflix, of course after you have done it all in the house. Meaning:

  • Made dinner
  • Done the dishes
  • Planned everything for the next day
  • Done homework with the kids
  • Played with the kids
  • Listen to your husband
  • Called up a friend that needed you
  • Put on some laundry
  • Made a list for the next day
  • Taken the kids to bed
  • Cleaned up the house

You deserve some free-time now. To Hell with your dreams. You can’t cope with them. Life is too hard, life is too much. You will quit your 9–5 job when the kids are older, when you finally got your house in order and when you feel you have the energy.

You have a dream, a calling to help others. You feel it deep inside of you. You did not sign up to file papers all day long.

While you lay there on the sofa and watch the latest episodes on your favorite series you tell yourself that tomorrow you have to take action toward your dream. You will make a list. You will start to take tiny small steps to escape this rat race.

You play the movie in your head. The day you will leave. The day you are finally free. You know that it will happen because you never stopped believing in yourself and took tiny small steps to get there.

You did it because you had a dream. A calling. A passion. You always had it girl!

Camilla xxx

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