One Year Has Gone By!

Hi Lovely!

The 1st of March I was celebrating one year full-time in my business. As you may know by now I have been working in corporate jobs for over 13 years. I build my Norwegian styling business on the side of my 9–5 job (actually it’s 8–4 in Norway) and I then in august 2015 decided to go international. Since then I have written and published 12 books, coached other women into follow their dreams and made over 10 online programs.

Also, I did fit in work trips to London, Paris and Milan.

Only in one year.

The thing is that if I can do this, so can you. I’m not that special. I’m just a girl form a little country in Europe with a BIG dream inside of me.

It has taken me many sleepless nights to go all in with my business and then take the leap and go international.

It has been hard times, but then again, I have been living my dream life.

I have done all then things I love to do.

Write books, coach other women into success, speak on stages, made fun and silly online programs, travel to 3 of my favorite cities while I took my laptop with me and worked on my business.

I was not that unhappy in my corporate job, I just knew that I had a dream and now was the time to go after it.

The same goes for you. If you have that dream inside of you that you know you have to get out then go for it. If I can make it so can you.

This Sunday I’m going to speak on a stage in London with other amazing speakers. I can’t believe that I got an opportunity like that.

I feel so happy about my life and that I live a life in freedom now where I call the shots and work with clients that I absolutely adore.

The thing is that if you want to quit your corporate job and go after your dream, it is possible. People are doing it every single day. Why not you?

I know it can be scary, but then get help like I and many other women do. You can’t do everything by yourself.

One year has gone by, I don’t know where I’ll be one year from now, but one thing I know. I have even bigger dreams and I go out and make them happen. I don’t wait for them to happen.

So can you.

Start today.


P.S. If you’ve always dreamed of starting your own business and quit your corporate job and be your own boss, then sign up for a free Life Makeover Discovery Call with me and we can talk about how I can help you reach your big dreams.

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