This is your true calling!

Don’t act like you don’t know what to say or write about. You know it very well that thing you feel deep inside.

It’s your true calling. Your message to the world. Something you think they need to hear from you. But that is where you have it totally wrong. It doesn’t come from you.

You are a selfish woman that thinks that your divine message comes from you. And then you hold it back inside you. You can’t even show up and share it. That special message only you have.

You hide it.

Hold it to yourself.

Think that it’s not good enough.

Think that it has to be perfect until you can share it.

You think that it needs to make you money before you will do anything with it.

You foolish woman.

That message you know deep inside you that needs to be shared, DAILY, doesn’t come from you.

It comes from something inside you that are pure, raw, real. Something that is connected to the universe, the source, God, whatever you call it.

You have it for a reason. To share it. to stand up with your message. To help others with that gift only you have.

But you treat it like a homeless cat that you will never ever take into your home and feed and cuddle with.

You hate that you have it inside of you because you think it comes from you.

The you that are not good enough, not loved enough, not pretty enough, not smart enough. How could you ever share it, then?

Well, that is the clue. That message, it’s not yours. It comes through you and wants to be shared, heard.

See yourself as that preacher, teacher, spiritual guide and just let them have it. Your message. Raw. Real. Straight from your heart and see it as neutral.

You are a messenger. It is time to show up now. Daily.

You came into this life with nothing, and you will leave this life with nothing. No money, no fame, no fortune.

Life happens in-between. Life is on now and you can make it better for people if you stand up and be that leader they have been waiting for.

Do it now, and don’t think about quitting until you’re there.

Camilla xxx

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