Why You Don’t Have What You Want!

There’s only one reason that you don’t have what you want. It’s a confronting one so I don’t think you will like it. I know I don’t.

You have a dream. A purpose. You want so bad to see it happening and you feel that you are so close to getting it. That dream.

You want to be super hot, sexy, healthy, thin with a bikini body. Why can’t you have it NOW!

You want to make money from your gifts, make an impact and just explode in your business, but where is the money? Why are not people seeing you? Why are they not buying your service, your products?

When will you be happy about life? Why is it so hard to just believe in yourself and just do those things you dream about?

It’s one thing that has been killing your dreams, your passion, your whole life that you want to see change.

It’s this thing that you will kill me when I tell you.

How I know? I was making the same mistake!!!

That’s why I will tell it to you so you can go out there and finally make your dreams come true, make it happen once and for all.

Want to hear it? I guess you will….


I know. Kill me. Throw rotten egg at me.

But it’s the truth.

You don’t have that killer sexy body because you did not do the work that comes with it.

You don’t have a successful business because you did not do the work.

You don’t have your big dreams come true because you did not do the work.

You don’t have a great relationship with your partner or kids because you did not do the work.

It’s so simple and easy, but most people will not face it. Look in the mirror and just admit to themselves that the only reason they don’t have what they say they want is because they did not do the work.

Hot body = work out, eat healthy food

Successful business = do your sales activities

Great relationships = focus on it

Get it? Easy, but still hard to do.

Those things you say to yourself and to others that is important for you, you need to set aside time to focus on them.

If you only do one thing each day to focus on it, I promise you that you suddenly will have what you say you want.

This is how I got to write my first book.

This is how I quit my 9–5 job, now celebrating 2,5 years in freedom.

This is how I can act so fast and just launch new programs all the time.

I focus on what I want and then I set aside time to accomplish them.

This is your life. You are 100% responsible for it.

Get to work.


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