You Are Unlimited!

You are an unlimited being. You are a human being with such great power inside of yourself that if you wanted to, you could create anything you desire right now in this moment.

Instead, you are holding yourself back because of limiting beliefs you have around what you are capable of, what other people has taught you and you are trying to live life according to the rules.

What about your own rules?

What about those dreams you have inside of you? Are they not real? Why do you have them then? Who put them there?

You are here on earth to remember who you are. You are not here to teach, learn and to make an effort.

We all have the power. I’m not more special than you, The president in US is not more worthy than you.

Because you are a human being and you live and breath you are worthy of anything you like and desire.

You can have it all, there are no on that are better than you, more worthy of success.

You have made it all up in your mind. When you are talking bad about someone else, you are actually talking to yourself.

We are all one. One force that came to this earth to live a happy life and be the best version of ourselves that we could be.

Instead, we are trying to fit in, learn from others, be like the rest.

We have forgotten why we came here.

You are an unlimited human being. You can create whatever you set your mind up for.

It is all in your mind and all is relative.

You ask me then why we create bad things in our lives, why we choose to suffer.

Well, there is no suffering, it is all in our mind. We choose our own thought and we can choose to be positive.

You always have a choice.

Then why do we need to experience bad things in our lives? Sickness? Lack of money, success?

Because if there was nothing to strive after, the game would be over. Life is a game. You can learn how to play along.

You are unlimited. Act like it and dare to rise above the noise. Dare to be you. Powerful.

The only thing you must focus on is to feel amazing. Fuck the rest. They cannot live life for you. Only you can.


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