On Rejecting the God of Meat and Materialism

“He is the God of the living, not the dead! You have made a serious error.” (Mark 12:27)

There is a specter hanging over this world.

How long has it been there? What does it mean? From all sides, everyone seems to have a different answer, but nearly all agree that something is there. The unshakable feeling of foreboding. Liberals have their fear of “global warming,” conservatives have their fear of governmental collapse. Technologically we are expanding so rapidly that we even have reason to fear our own designs. Though we have been commanded by Christ to worship “the God of the living,” everywhere men are worshiping the god of the dead: that is, the god of meat, the god of materialism. That is the specter we contend with.

The god of meat and materialism.

How did this worship of meat and materialism begin, and where is it leading? What seems most prevalent on all sides is a profound lack of gratitude for the lived experience of existence.

Liberals display their lack of gratitude in denying the individual soul. Socialists display their lack of gratitude in promoting envy and theft as “modern virtues.” Conservatives display their lack of virtue by promoting empty rituals over living spirit.

In the words of Christ: They all eat of the leaven of the Pharisees and the leaven of Herod (Mark 8:15). In other words, they live by “intellectuals” and tyrants, ignoring God. They are guilty foremost of profligacy — they luxuriously squander the great gift of life without showing the slightest appreciation for it, nor any reverence or fear for its Creator.

Gratitude for life embraces the living spirit.

Among the thousand and one things the modern world lacks, gratitude for life is foremost. Those who worship meat and materialism have nothing to be grateful for — one cannot be grateful for their own greed. Among the virtues, gratitude demonstrates both humility and charity — we fear, and thereby we rejoice with trembling. Gratitude shows humility because it acknowledges that none of us are responsible for the world we were born into — the responsibility belongs to God. It is our duty to love and cherish what was created, not to be creators ourselves.

Gratitude shows charity because it acknowledges the love of God — and it is only by our love of God that we are capable of truly loving ourselves, and by loving ourselves, we also love our neighbors, fellow creatures as ourselves. This is what it means to worship the God of the living.

Look around in your daily life.

You’ll discover hundreds, thousands, who worship the god of meat and materialism and consume nothing but the leaven of intellectuals and tyrants. It doesn’t matter what they call themselves. “Atheists” they call themselves, which is another word for the worship of meat. “Progressives” they call themselves, which is another word for the worship of materialism. In the end it is all very much the same. We can choose to worship the living God or we can choose to worship the dead one, but we will worship something, that is part of our divinely created nature. Choose carefully.