Trump Accuses Media of Ignoring Antifa Violence and Alt-Left

The President went off-script. Way off script.

When photos and videos emerged from Charlottesville, most everyone blamed the protesters. The Charlottesville mayor (Signer) violated a court injunction and the state governor (McAuliffe) drafted the order to deploy the national guard well in advance of the protest — but when violence broke out, the mainstream blamed “Nazis” and no one questioned it.

Now people are questioning if McAuliffe should be fired gross mismanagement. We could add to that: engaging in conspiracy to deny civil rights. But that’s for a future article.

“Nazis” have been accused of the violence, but through hundreds of publicized photos, there were a noticeable lack of swastikas at Unite the Right. Certainly one or two, but they feel strangely out of place, like a LARP that only a couple people bothered with. Trump noticed this too, saying: “they weren’t all Nazis — believe me.”

When violence did flare before the cameras, some viewers (like myself) were astute enough to notice that it was protest attendees who were being attacked by counter protesters. Bats were out, plastic bottles filled with concrete, and mace was at the ready. President Trump was among the astute observers, as he indicated on Tuesday, asking journalists whether any burden of responsibility for Charlottesville belonged to the Alt-Left.

Occasionally, Richard Spencer expresses annoyance at the term “Alt-Left.” When most people use the term, they simply mean Antifa.

Antifa is a mostly middle class collection of misfits touting all the usual half-understood socialist rhetoric. They are often educated and live with their parents. Like all good middle class socialists, Antifa hate the rich a good deal more than they love the poor. While they are not strictly doctrinaire, they all espouse the revolutionary theology of Marxism.

For many of us who have not been following the culture wars very long, ‘Antifa’ seemed to burst onto the scene only during the Trump candidacy, in conjunction with media claims that the Trump campaign had “echoes of fascism.” Whenever the media declared to have heard a “dog whistle”, Antifa was never far behind. Immediately two things set them apart: one, their use of full-black ensembles with the aesthetics of terror and radicalism in an effort to distinguish themselves in large groups.

Two: their willingness to use violence. The group claims to have its roots in the brutal street fighting against fascism that occurred in Spain and Germany in the 1920s and 1930s, but this is pure mythology.

Street fighting Communists of the 1920s wouldn’t even recognize the allegiances of modern ‘anti-fascism’ and Antifa is about as close to German Communists as Moldylocks is to Karl Marx.

Although touted as a sort of ideological opposite to the Alt-Right, there are at least two critical points of difference that we should focus on here.

One, the Alt-Right has never engaged in collective violence, nor called upon its members to engage in it, according to Richard Spencer. According to the Alt-Left’s own websites, violence is the stated goal. “Bash Fash”. “Resist”. Buzz words for taking clubs to heads. For the Alt-Left this is their raison d’être.

It’s pure resentment, as Dr. Jordan Peterson would say.

Two, where the Alt-Right seems to have embraced a pan-European cultural identity, Antifa has no fixed identity, or perhaps a post-modern identity of no-identity, and the only culture it has is critique. I mean this literally: Antifa is deconstructionism to its core and its only true aim is to smash the “white patriarchy”. In layman’s terms: western civilization.

The Alt-Right is fringe and it knows it, but with the Alt-Left is quite a different case. Challenging them can only begin when the media is forced to call out leftist violence, to name Antifa agitators in the universities and the media companies and to uproot Alt-Left indoctrination into revolutionary theology in all it’s forms.

The President’s actions to defend those who attended the protest and their right to expect police security is a tremendous first step.