Tomorrow’s general election could change the future of Brexit

The Brexit results may have seemed like a doomsday, but there is a chance to make up for it. Hit the polls tomorrow and vote.

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Jun 7, 2017 · 3 min read

BY EMILY ABSHIRE | @emily_abs

ILLUSTRATION BY EMILY ABSHIRE | Prime Minister Theresa May will lead the Conservative effort for the election, and Jeremy Corbyn will head the Labour campaign. Neither party has plans to reverse the Brexit decision.

Every major party has announced their position and follow-up plan for Brexit, and 72% of young adult voters said those would influence their choice, according to a July 2016 survey by millennial-focused research agency YouthSight.

If you’re looking to reverse the Brexit vote, side with the Green Party or Liberal Democrats. The Green Party would hold a second referendum to either accept Brexit deals or remain in the European Union, according to its website. The Liberal Democrats haven’t announced plans for another referendum, but say they strongly believe Britain’s success relies on being in the EU, according to their website.

The Conservative Party has a negotiated view, saying Britain must be empowered by the change. Theresa May, prime minister and leader of the Conservative Party, called the general election three years early because she said she wanted unity and stability in Parliament after Brexit. The party wants a partnership between the UK and EU, according to its website, but also wants control over UK money, laws, borders and trade.

The Labour party and UKIP both support leaving the EU. UKIP’s original platform was built on becoming independent from the EU. Labour specifically said it would not hold a second referendum, according to its website.

A recent survey by the Higher Education Policy Institute found slightly more than half of students would vote Labour if the general election was “tomorrow”. Which, now, it actually is.

The younger vote in the Brexit referendum has been a talking point since the votes were tallied. Young people felt their future was being decided by the older population. Those over 65 were more than twice as likely as those under 25 to vote to leave the EU, according to Politico.

Students still have a bad taste in their mouth. According to the YouthSight survey, 77% of student voters feel negative about the leave result, and 17% of student voters on both sides would change their vote if they could — which is why voting in the general election is important.

If this type of regret is reflective of the general population, then leave would lose 44.51% to remain 55.465%.

With parties offering to hold a second referendum, it’s plain why voting in the general election could change the future of Brexit.

There is certainly a cynical approach that could be taken here. Young voices weren’t heard in the first referendum, so why will the general election be any different?

General elections are where members of parliament are elected, and each member is a representative for your local area. They are your direct line to parliament. They can promote policy and solve issues that directly affect you and your neighbors.

Logically, politicians often look at voter turnout before making policy choices. They want to continue to please demographics with the most supporters. Make politicians work for young adults by voting and representing your demographic.

If you can’t choose between the lesser of two evils, blank voting is a thing. You can submit your ballot blank to show you’re not happy with any party. These votes are read aloud when the vote is counted, meaning your vote is literally a voice for the displeased. You also won’t be another number labeled as apathetic and uninterested.

There are a lot of options tomorrow, but not voting should not be on your list.

Need another reason? Listen to pop singer Declan Mckenna speak passionately about the youth vote.

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