Note to Self

“The life you want is waiting for you to live it.”

You’re in this for the Experiences,
And you’ve promised Reciprocity.
Experiences of travel and exploration,
Of the places of people and welcoming.

Here’s to throwing yourself into situations:
Unfamiliar, varied and practiced alike.
By sharing the gift and love of music,
And with it, bringing the World together.

Intelligence is a rarity, but isn’t elusive.
You sometimes wish for less of it actually:
It brings with it strange difficulties. But keep it anyway,
With perspicacious practice and the right choices.

It plays into making her all the more attractive.
Aesthetics matter, but aren’t important at all.
Simultaneously very relevant, and not at all.
She is a such beautiful human by just her being.

Look good for her, be good to her—
Cook her the good food she likes,
Laugh, and cry, and play with each other.
Remember, falling is much easier than staying.

Money is a very monetary thing.
It isn’t what happiness is; it isn’t everything—
But is reasonably close, they say.
You won’t be mad if she stays.

A lot of them say things you want to hear,
But only a few work above quick, trivial rewards.
They aren’t many so keep ‘em,
And hold them, as close as is comfortable.

Reading is an old friend.
That’s what the cool kids do.
Capable of making you feel so deeply,
It’s the most genuine means.

In intermittent waves, now and again,
You’ll feel strongly about absolutely nothing.
That’s when your fingers yield words effortlessly—
Of meaning and quality you thought you were incapable of.

Your voice is a difficult companion.
He tires easily, and loves to sleep.
But only because you don’t fully understand—
And no one is to blame; time will tell.

Rhymes are easy to make, sometimes.
Turn adversity, and the bitterness of life,
Into something cherishable as art.
A high frequency is key to mastery.

The Broken are varied but difficult beings—
Especially if they don’t want to be helped.
Mind the lies in dishonest and twisted words:
The pain shatters integrity infinitesimally irredeemably.

He better be there when he says he will!
But, it’s alright if he’s late non-perfunctorily.
Be there for him when he isn’t casually late—
He’s quietly hurting while he tries to fix you.

Don’t say trivial things to keep from intimacy—
Not about Bangalore’s weather or coffee and all:
You don’t’ve to spew unintelligence unneeded,
For the comfort of another in your presence.

You have biases and you are prejudiced.
Don’t sulk: ignorance, it’s a teaching you see…
Separate the wheat from the chaff—
Your choices, not your family tree, make you.

Some ideas and actions, are genuinely distasteful.
No matter for humour, no matter the context.
Disregard not the gravity of your words.
Disregard not the feelings of another.

Just as ignorance, hatred is also a teaching.
But in your world, reggae music is its kryptonite:
Won’t you help to sing, these songs of freedom?
’Cause all I ever had, redemption songs.

People come, stay a minute, and leave inevitably.
Without return, exceptionally otherwise.
Some invaluable teachers, some fun playmates,
And to varying degrees—it’s a spectrum really.

It’s not cool to overlook their feelings—
Of the people you love,
Their feelings are yours too, you know.
You feel all that they do.

“No” is an old friend of ours.
You’ll hear it many times in life and say it too.
However, don’t get used to the sadness, chagrin or pity—
It marks not the end, but new beginnings.

Flings are a fleeting rush—instant, trifling rewards.
They mean very little, they’re not worth the short-lived high.
Consistency and commitment, as hard as they may be:
The right choices and practice, make permanent!

Remember to loosen up, there are no rules here.
There are no mistakes. Just as long as you—
You aren’t slowly becoming all that you despise:
The life you want is waiting for you to live it.