The Mexican Drug War on Social Media: A Directory of Accounts

“Narco Cultura” by Gravillis Inc (Source)

The following is an expanding directory of social media accounts linked to drug trafficking and vigilante activity in Mexico. I am compiling this data in preparation for a larger project that will focus on how the aforementioned are using Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to organize and celebrate their delinquency.

Note: All backgrounds in the following graphics are actual images published by the accounts. Images may be disturbing to viewers.

Cartel/Compañia del GOLFO

Gulf Cartel/Company

Background image posted on November 22, 2017 with the caption: “EL REYNO DE TERROR Del CDG” or “THE GULF CARTEL’S REIGN OF TERROR”.

El ComandoExclusivo

The ExclusiveCommand

Background image from a July 25, 2017 YouTube video titled “El Max V2 (2017)” or simply “El Max,” supposedly the street name of a prominent narcotics trafficker.


Background image posted on September 12, 2016 with the caption: “Las nuevas gorras #701” or “The new caps #701”. The cap itself says “701 El Chaparrito” or “701 The Shorty.” This most likely refers to Joaquín “El Chapo” (The Shorty) Guzmán, one of the most powerful drug barons in human history.

El Pinche Mara

The Fucking Mara

Background image from a June 20, 2016 YouTube video titled “El Pinche Mara — TAKING OVER CROWNS”.