Life is Weird

Personal note

So I started working out today. Ran about half a kilometer. Yes, you read that right half a Km. I was big-bad-wolfing(you know huffing & puffing) most of it. I woke up from my deep slumber after 6 odd years and realized I am here now. What did I do to myself? Is this renewed determination all because of a girl? I do not know and I do not care. I am not a naïve little boy. I have no unrealistic expectations on happily ever afters. This for me, not for some girl.

Frankly, I think the girl is way out of my league. I am most likely to be driven to madness, well further from the point where I already am if I go out with her. Enough about girls and romance and touchy-feely crap (not a teenage girl who is writing her damn diary).

I have doubts about my mental fortitude. Whether or not I’d be able to keep this up. But I am going to try, I mean really try. When I told my ex about this whole fiasco she was happy and ecstatic. She quickly understood that it was not cos of a damn girl. Usually she is just 4 feet 11 inches of annoying but lately she has been giving me some sagely advice. Which I find disturbing to be honest. I guess she has grown up. (still 4 feet 11 inches though)

Then I have my buddy. One of the nicest people I have ever met. Always pestering me to eat healthy and exercise. She kept nagging me even before I actually started trying. So she too is happy. Never needed a motivational coach to workout. But right now I will take all the help I can get.

Life is weird. It has highs, It has lows. But all in all it is just plain weird.

( Almost time to do Day-2)

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