How to turn pain and rage into jet fuel.

The first step in this long and drawn out process is to stop being a little bitch. Easier said than done right? Well it can actually be that easy, whether you bleed glitter and rainbows or you got a Bud Light cooler in your chest where that heart thing used to be. We all have issues. We all have challenges to overcome. We all kinda suck at dealing with them. We all get pissed or hurt and throw the controller at the TV. There’s no way to avoid it. There are ways to control it.

We all know of someone (you probably are that someone) that just can’t keep their emotions locked down. At the slightest breeze or whistle they’re ready to tear the world in half. Now I don’t teach an anger management class, but I have a little experience with losing my shit.

It’s not a fun activity.

So one of the best things you can do to alleviate the situation is try (with a capital T-R-Y) and take step back and really look at who you are and your actions. Use a mirror if available. Just acknowledge the fact you are pissed. If you can’t do this, you won’t ever be able to control it. Acknowledgement is everything.

Now that we’ve established your out if your dam mind, it’s time to move to an actual activity that involves your full and undivided attention (murder doesn’t count). Pick a sport, releasing endorphins is always good for easing tension and stress. But perhaps the best way in my humble opinion is through art. Emotions are the color palette for which all art is made from. Using whatever is burning through you at the moment, whether that be a breakup or a confrontation, there’s no better way to create then when using your unfiltered passion and emotion as a paintbrush. You’d be surprised how much you can actually accomplish just venting out whatever is holed up inside you without even noticing time played a factor.

There’s a little bitch inside all of us. It’s just a matter of if she’s your best friend and actually helps you along, or if she making you sleep on the couch. Every setback and attack against you is just the pressure necessary to turn coal into a diamond.