The Won Speaks #1

Does it even matter anymore? Did it ever? At one point I just assumed that we were all just living out our own desires and dreams in a box, or pen of sorts, but I don’t think that’s the case anymore. Do we really want what we say we want? Or do we want what others have? Do we just want our lives to imitate theirs so we can feel satisfied? Why would that even satisfy you? Because that’s what they told you matters. It’s hard for me to pretend that I want to be like someone else. Like ANYONE else. We’re all the same essentially, its just that some of us want to keep others down. I can’t pretend I’m OK with a minimum wage job. I can’t pretend I’m OK with going to school for years, just to maybe get a job. I can’t pretend like I’m OK with spending my life working just to keep some rich white guy wealthy. It’s a system of control and fear. Nobody that follows the path of others gets anywhere in all honesty. I’m all for working to eat, but not slavery. They give you tiny pieces of green paper and suddenly you feel as if the world is yours. But it was always yours. They just took it from you and told you to pay for it. And your OK with it. You see absolutely nothing wrong with that. Not a even a little. Why is that?

Because you can’t think for yourself. You feel offended by that statement. Why? Because you know what the truth is. And it hurts. So much that you would rather shoot the messenger. You feel independent and unique. Your not. Everything you know has been implanted in you. Everything you think was already thought of, you just mixed up the order. Your always willing to believe the words of another. So why not believe me? It’s what you’ve always done anyway. Blindly following the sheep off a cliff. And yes you are a sheep. Because you will accept anything that is accepted by others. You know nothing outside fake comfort and complacency. You claim you hustle but work for someone else. You claim to be accepting but don’t even love those who look the most like you. You claim to be an individual but form your identity based on others perception. You claim to be loving and kind but instantly flip the switch when you feel threatened. You think this doesn’t apply to you. Your actually the one I was addressing this too. So just keep feeding the beast. This will all be over soon.