Tough Decisions in a Zero Tolerance World

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Govern-mentalism’ was an alternative ideology to the corporate power structure that existed. They gained the citizen’s popular interest by proposing a legislative policy process rather than the individualized corporate contracting. “The strain of one demotion to a person’s career,” they claimed, “destroyed any chance a citizen had to make a creative decision or learn from a mistake.”

Luckily for Christian Drake, the remaining conglomerates quickly made their allegiances with Advancement Industries. The corporate response to the “Govern-mentalists” was to point out that ramifications of one bad decision could be gauged decades after the event and thus their “emphasis was on learning to make right decisions and not learning from wrong ones.” Regardless of the sides, the debate put a serious strain on every social structure. Violence due to the split increased exponentially on a daily basis.

For the second time since initiating the CTMS Project, Christian Drake’s progress was stunted by external forces. Not only did the growing conflict with the “Govern-mentalists” distract him, but John Demure utilized his authority to block Advancement Industries from fully reigniting the project. The two had reached an absolute impasse regarding the project.

The separation between the two regarding the CTMS Project had to with the application of the technology. John Demure’s intention was to fuse a biological organism to a synthetic structure. He utilized the CTMS machine to map the neural pathways in the brain and a drafting of the entire nervous system. His desire was to enhance areas of the human nervous system that were structurally weakened, mutated, or inoperable. With his machine, Demure was able to identify the nervous system’s response to every emotional and physical stimuli. Demure stated in his memoirs that “even though Drake and I originally found a common ground regarding the ‘CTMS Project’, we have since reached ideological differences that, at present, do not appear to be rectifiable.”

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Conversely, Christian Drake’s only ambition with the technology was its ability to identify and transfer consciousness. He was becoming desperate to depart his broken body. Executives in Advancement Industries created myths and conspiracy theories about Christian Drake. And without his presence, there was nothing to quell the rumors. Drake found himself consumed by his own technology. Only Drake’s hand chosen were allowed to enter his office.

Outside the Corporate cul-de-sac, “Govern-mentalists” waged a multi-faceted war against the two conglomerates. They forged a separate economy and proclaimed any public area a “Governed Zone”. With this proclamation the “Govern-mentalists” ‘confiscated’ convoys from any conglomerate that supported either Advancement Industries or Trans-Production Inc. Due to the tensions between the two most powerful conglomerates in the city, citizens didn’t resist the “Govern-mentalists” with any conviction. The “Govern-mentalists” instigated horrific acts and blamed those acts on Advancement Industry. Their method of propaganda worked just enough to keep their actions justified.

John Demure released a statement declaring a desire to negotiate with the “Govern-mentalists” but only in an effort to assimilate their ideologies into the conglomerate structure. The rejection of this offer created fear of indefinite war and thus the scattered skirmishes metamorphosed into a full-scale conflict. This conflict lasted for nearly two years. Everything changed when John Demure was killed in a car explosion. Information leaked to the public indicated the “Govern-mentalists”.

The people in the city had reached their limit. The violence and economic turmoil escalated beyond the explainable. Christian Drake declared “Govern-mentalism” a contagious psychological disease. First, citizens were asked to take a survey; meanwhile, secret police arrested the most radical of the “Govern-mentalists”. Then Drake delegated ‘safe zones’ where it was illegal to enter the zone if you affiliated with or supported the “Govern-mentalists” in any way; before anyone was able to adjust, he instituted his final assault by turning the tracking and executing of “Govern-mentalists” into a private industry.

Private weapons, private soldiers, private contracts, private legal systems became Advancement Industries most powerful covert weapon. Their only stipulation was to be treated as a sovereign group. This group became known as “Specialists”. These people based their allegiances on a contractual basis. Soldiers entered the army to learn the rules of war. Warriors became specialists to disregard them.

With the “Govern-mentalist” problem solved, Christian Drake finally could turn his attention to the CTMS Project. Before he was able to do this, however, Drake had to rebuild his reputation as a mystical wise man. His recent actions created a sinister view of Advancement Industries. He decided that the best way to return to ‘business as usual’ was to lay past events to rest. Drake mustered all the energy he could find in his body and delivered a speech to every individual inside the city and beyond.

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