Cement made at ambient temperature, using renewable electricity, for a decarbonized future

Can you make zero-carbon cement?

The key to making strong, durable, fast-setting cement is chemistry.

The method of making C-S-H has changed over the years to meet our evolving needs.

OPC is not an energy-efficient pathway to C-S-H.

The pressure to decarbonize cement intensifies, but (until now) there has been no way to make decarbonized lime, and hence C-S-H, without carbon capture.

Decarbonizing today’s OPC kilns will require carbon capture and sequestration (CCS). However, using CCS will always increase cement’s embodied energy and cost.

The future demands technologies that don’t emit CO₂ in the first place.

  • Zero CO₂ emissions
  • Cost parity with incumbent greenfield technology
  • Equivalent or better technical performance
  • Low-temperature operations
Figure 1: Neutral-pH water electrolysis with pH-sensitive dye, showing acid (red) forming at one electrode and base (purple) at the other. In Sublime’s process, this pH gradient is used to drive the extraction and isolation of lime at ambient temperature. Photo credit: Felice Frankel.
Figure 2: Carbon-neutral Sublime Lime™

History shows that the simplest processes with the lowest embodied energy win because they are less expensive. Intuitively, we know it also makes more sense to keep fossil fuels in the ground rather than combusting them and recapturing the CO.

Today, Sublime’s goal is to make a fully decarbonized direct replacement for portland cement, which means making C-S-H, with the lowest embodied energy and the lowest CO₂ emissions.

The construction industry is responding to the call for a decarbonized future.

Demand for low-carbon cement is growing.

Sublime is on track to produce 1 million tons per year of low-carbon cement by 2028.

We have a singular focus: to swiftly, substantially, and permanently reduce anthropogenic CO₂ emissions through decarbonizing cement production.

We are committed to partnering with individuals and organizations that share our vision of deep decarbonization in the cement industry by 2050.




Sublime Systems is a leading developer of technology to produce decarbonized cement.

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Sublime Systems

Sublime Systems is a leading developer of technology to produce decarbonized cement.