Embrace to your own destiny

It is quite surprising and as well as a little stupid to talk about destiny. But I believe it’s easy finding in my way. When I was growing up, my parents always suggested me not to hate anything so that I will have interest which creates passion in learning everything you love. We all know it’s very difficult to follow that rule. So I ignored it like many other people.

My parents added a tag line to that statement telling that god will throw at you what you hate most. I never believed that as well. Now, I believe that’s true that we get to do things that we hate most. I would explain with an example, my brother hates Tamil Nadu (A state in India) and their language since his schooling. With no luck, he pursued his UG in that state. After UG, he felt like he was on moon with the happiness that he would never go to that state ever again. Unfortunately, he did his internship during his graduation in that state and also he has been doing his job from past 3 years in the same state. He always hated that place, but his destiny turned him to live there. Likewise, I have always hated to study MS in US (especially NYC), but I don’t why I got admit from university from NYC itself and forced me to go there. I hate many other things which happened to me as well but I don’t want to prolong the topic.

It’s not just restricted to place we stay. I have came across same kind of situations with my friends, relatives and people from different places and backgrounds. If you are eager to know about what might be your destiny, I would request you all to think what you hate most in your life. That way you could find your destiny.

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