Four Exciting Things I Saw at Substratum Development HQ Last Week — by Justin Tabb

Four Exciting Things I Saw at Substratum Development HQ last week

Last week I visited Substratum Development HQ for my regular status update and planning session which we do every couple months at least. There are a LOT of exciting things going on not the least of which is the new talent that will be coming on board soon and we did a lot of planning around SubstratumNode, SubstratumHost, CryptoPay and the mysterious Product #3 which we will be announcing in August but below are the top 4 things I witnessed that I wanted to share with you guys.

Virtual Test Net

As you know the team has been building the virtual test net but the plans to bring that virtual test net to life in a visual and interactive way was one of the most exciting things I witnessed while I was there. Kristen Smith (Kristen on Twitter) has extensive experience with IoT including programming LED controllers for vast warehousing systems. We are in the process of purchasing a system of Rasberry Pi’s with LEDs so we can visualize the virtual test net running within the office. This physical representation of what is going on virtually should be a sight to see and I am excited to be able to share video of that with you guys once we get it up and running.

This framework will be extended out to the internet with the network of micronodes we will have up and running at launch time to ensure the very first person who is using the network even if they are in the most restrictive country in the world will still be successful.

Integration Between Nodes

As we have shared the first step in building a successful decentralized web that merges the decentralized web and the open web into a hybrid web thereby allowing anyone on the network access to everything was to be able to process ALL traffic at a system level. This required SubstratumNode to be able to subvert all traffic inwardly and process all types of traffic. That was done with SubstratumNode 0.3.0 which was released publicly and the upgraded version 0.3.2 is available for download on our web-site at

The next step in this process is having all these nodes talk to each other for full decentralization to move that traffic that they can now handle through their network in random and secure ways to view content that they otherwise could not. I was excited to see that happening with nodes able to send and receive messages to and from each other. More to come on this as the nodes get smarter but we are well on our way to 0.4.0.


CryptoPay was slated for development end of 2018 and we are so excited to have the team in place for working on it early. With the technical framework in place and decisions already made towards technical execution through a series of spikes we have begun to look to prototyping the actual product which is super exciting. Additionally our legal team has formed the legal framework to ensure CryptoPay is fully compliant.

There are some exciting partnerships being discussed including one with a yearly processing volume of $5BIL that would be a huge partnership for CryptoPay so it is exciting to see these things form and come together and I look forward to sharing more with you as it becomes more concrete.

How Projects Are Integrating

The last thing I want to talk about is the synergy between the projects. While they are good all on their own they become a living ecosystem when working TOGETHER. This is similar to the way one Apple product like an iPhone is good all on its own but once you pair it with a Mac, AppleTV, AppleWatch, and all the software applications that go with it you start to see a much better user experience.

The products integration offers new opportunities that we never would have seen with them working alone and this is why it is so necessary to have all the products talking to one another and why Product #3 is so necessary.

I look forward to sharing more!

Have a great weekend.