In Defense of “Being Ridiculous”

“Can I just say to all the Bernie or Bust people…You’re being ridiculous”

Betrayed. That’s what a lot of Bernie supporters have felt over the past few weeks, ever since Sanders threw his full support to Clinton in New Hampshire. The revelations of a not-so-neutral primary via the WikiLeaks emails of DNC Chairwoman Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz only exacerbated frustrations of Bernie supporters. It’s this kind of activity that exemplifies everything that Bernie stood against: corruption, greed, and catering towards a concentration of power.

So to see Bernie and his well-known supporters, like Sarah Silverman, throw support behind the very establishment that embodies this corruption elicited an emotional response from supporters. I’m proud of those delegates on the floor, many of whom are from my state of Colorado, that did not stay silent and did not go quietly in to that good night. Their “ridiculous” behavior exemplified what millions of us are feeling across the country, that we are tired of NOT being heard.

What the DNC and mainstream media do not understand is that Bernie supporters are NOT democrats. We don’t give a fuck about the democratic party or “unity”. We want the change that was promised to us 8 years ago. Like Bernie said in every speech he’s given on the campaign trail, this campaign is not about him. It’s about the progressive ideals and tenants that we want to live by. That we don’t want to live in a system that’s “rigged”. The DNC emails were just another example of a rigged system, so the natural reaction is of course going to be loud, disruptive, petulant, obstructive, etc.

I hope the Bernie or Bust delegates continue to be loud and obnoxious all the way to the conclusion of the convention. Despite HRC being the official nominee, the world needs to know that we noticed how she got there. And we’re not going to be silent about it.