How To Create A Stampede Of Ideal Clients, Leads & Sales With LinkedIn & FB Using Less Than An Hour Each Day!


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So, are you interested in discovering for yourself:

“How To Create A Stampede Of Ideal Clients, Leads & Sales With LinkedIn & FB Using Less Than An Hour Each Day!”

Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Because wherever you are on the business owner spectrum (‘newbie or experienced), we all have one thing in common…

And that is: In order to get your next client, you must first get your next lead!

Without a “lead”, it is almost impossible to sign a paying client. And the only way to land your next client (and the next one, and the next one…) is to position yourself in front of your prospects, convert a percentage of them into leads, schedule appointments, and turn at least one of them into a client.

It really is that simple.

What I want you to do right now is get rid of all that noise. Set it all aside. Let’s focus on the simple truth about what it takes to grow your business.

Here’s the framework one more time:

A. Position yourself in front of your prospects.

B. Convert a percentage of these prospects into leads and appointments.

C. Turn at least one of them into a client.

The days of the magic bullet are gone, if they ever existed.

To grow your business takes work. Period. But you know that already, right? The hard part is competing with the full marketing and sales teams that big businesses have.

However, what I want to speak to you about here is how to bring the power of big business marketing to OUR kinds of businesses.

Putting the power into YOUR hands so you can be the master of your fate. It’s in your hands now.

It’s about what it really takes to use your computer and an internet connection to generate almost as many leads and appointments as you want, and the incredible opportunity that this represents for the entrepreneur who is ready to seize it. Maybe one just like you!

The #1 thing that prevents business owners from achieving this is called “the cash flow roller coaster.” One month, you feel like you’re doing pretty well. So you get busy doing everything except looking for new clients.

Then before you know it, the next month comes around, things start slowing down, and because you weren’t keeping the pipeline full, now you’re almost out of work. Where will your next buck come from?

It’s critical to your success that you put the systems in place to get off that roller coaster.

So how do you do it?

Well, the answer to that question is also the most proven, time tested strategy for growing any business. And that is…wait for it….

….Getting in front of more prospects!

There are a lot of gurus out there that will tell you how to do this, with networking, social media, cold calling, or a million other tactics. None of these worked for me when I was starting out.

I knew there was a sea of prospects out there but we all know you have to approach them in the right way. I tried the social media ‘engagement’ approach, and got nowhere with it. I knew I didn’t have tons of money to spend on advertising for my business, so I had to find another way.

I realized, that if you have a SYSTEMATIC approach for generating a consistent flow of opportunities and leads, then your business will be very well protected against the roller coaster. You’ll be able to grow to the level that you’re aiming for.

I set out to design a system to tap into this sea of prospects. I didn’t know it at the time, but that system played on proven psychological triggers, which created the perfect environment for prospects to open up to me.

When I combined that with a process for developing targeted contacts into high value prospects, and utilizing a standardized messaging process, things started taking off. I quickly realized that I had a real bonafide system on my hands for generating a predictable number of leads.

Here’s the deal!

“Position yourself above the fray, and prospects
 will be far more approachable than when you’re
 just another me-too competitor in a crowded sea.”

When you can position yourself as a leader, as a real expert, your prospects will actually want to talk to you.

But using traditional methods can be expensive and time consuming. You don’t have the luxury of spending thousands or taking the next couple years to position yourself as a market leader. You need it now! Right?

And that is exactly what webinars allows you to do.

Webinars are a time tested and proven way to get unlimited and ideal clients to you.

Check out:

The 5-step process that helps you quickly position yourself as an expert in your industry, directly connect you with an unlimited supply of prospects, and work them through processes that will generate a predictable number of leads and appointments. When you have that predictable number of appointments, you’ll have a predictable stream of new clients.


While the system does leverage LinkedIn, Facebook, and email, it is not about the platform.

It’s about the process. No matter where your clients can be found, the process can work for you.

The System: The Five Step Process

Let me guide you through the 5-steps…

Step 1 — The Foundation
 It starts with the foundation, getting to know your prospect really, really well. This needs to happen FIRST, or the rest of the system will be far less effective.

Step 2 — Your Leadership Platform
 Step two creating your leadership platform. It’s this platform that’s going to supercharge everything else you do, and it might take you only an hour or two to get up and running. (Hint: Your blog!)

Step 3 — Building Your Database
 The third step is building your database of prospects. This involves identifying your ideal clients and bringing them into your funnel, in a number of ways, both systematic and free.
 Step 4 — Your Messaging Machine

 This is where the results start POURING in. Instead of sitting back and waiting, this proactive approach insures that you’ll be generating appointments when you want them.

Step 5 — Email Blueprint
 Learn to combine the systems you’ve built in Steps 1–4 with email strategies that generate even more appointments.

You’ll be leveraging not JUST Facebook and not JUST LinkedIn. You’ll be integrating the best of both Facebook and LinkedIn, based on where your target market can best be reached. Then you’ll combine them with email to get results that most other people only dream about.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, and again. If you are looking for the easy way out, this is not for you. In my experience, there is no easy way out.

The ‘dreamers’ are almost never successful.
 It’s the people who are willing to roll up
 their sleeves, the ‘doers’, who get real results.

Fortunately, this system doesn’t require too much work. It can be managed in less than an hour a day. You can take weekends off too. As long as you are willing to commit to 30–60 minutes a day, 5 days per week, you will get some remarkable results.

If you don’t put in place the necessary foundational elements first, the rest of it won’t be nearly as effective. What we’re doing here is building a system that you’ll come to rely on for new leads and appointments for years to come.

The first step is clearly identifying who your ideal prospect is. Don’t make the mistake of saying “everybody” or “any small business owner.” Trying to be all things to all people leaves your message vanilla, boring, and it won’t resonate with anyone. Your success will improve dramatically when you focus on a specific niche.

Prospect Profile Cheat Sheet Basics
 Below are some of the common pieces of data that you might include in your prospect profile cheat sheet. These are just samples. Yours may look similar, or quite different.

The key is to have a very clear picture of who your ideal client is.
 • Company Size
 • Title
 • Geographic Focus
 • Seniority
 • Male/Female
 • Age
 • Department or Function

Use this information to figure out where these prospects hang out online. It could be certain LinkedIn groups, Facebook groups, a niche forum, or some other type of online community.

Join some of these groups, and spend some time understanding what kind of topics interest your prospects.

Review the conversations and questions in these groups. Create a list of topics that seem to be of interest to your prospects, and set it aside for later. You’re going to use this to position yourself as a trusted resource.

Another awesome approach for getting an understanding of what your prospects care about, is to ask them!

Whether through surveys or informal messages, getting direct feedback from your target market is a fantastic way to know exactly what kind of content will attract them.

Optimize Your LinkedIn and/or Facebook Profile(s)
 The final component of your foundation is optimizing your LinkedIn and/or Facebook profile(s) by positioning yourself as a trusted authority in your space.

Don’t waste space talking about how great you are, what you do, and so on. Instead, you want to focus on what your prospects care about. More importantly, you want them to feel comfortable connecting with you. On Facebook you might change your cover photo to include information about your leadership platform, or you might leave it just the way it is.
 • Male/Female
 • Income Range
 • Geographic Focus
 • Interests
 • Group Associations

Your clients are under siege. They’re bombarded daily with emails, ads, and messages from businesses trying to sell them something. If you think all it takes to book some appointments is to pile on with everybody else, think again. The key is to set yourself apart from your competitors. Without this, the other strategies in this system won’t be as effective.

Position yourself as somebody they know, like, and trust. People do business with people they have relationships with. If you want to generate more appointments, you need to develop more relationships. Use these platforms for achieving that. It starts with building a leadership platform.

Developing Your Leadership Platform
 You begin developing this platform by owning a targeted group full of your ideal prospects. Create your group on either Facebook or LinkedIn, the most popular online networks. It takes a bit of time to set up, but once it’s up and running, you won’t need to spend so much time on it.

Your primary focus for this leadership platform is to generate appointments. It’s also great for the secondary purposes of general marketing, brand awareness, content distribution, driving traffic, and more.

The main consideration is simply that you are running the group, and the positioning that goes with it. Make sure to adjust your profile slightly on both Facebook and LinkedIn, to make it clear that you are the founder of your group.

LinkedIn or Facebook?
 Some markets are better for Facebook, some for LinkedIn. Referring back to your ideal prospect profile, you need to be clear about whether your prospects are more likely to engage on Facebook or LinkedIn.

In some cases, it’s easier to grow your LinkedIn group initially, if you don’t already have an audience. That’s because you can perform the database build, create your database in LinkedIn, and then invite all of those new connections to join your group. You’re virtually guaranteed to succeed quickly.

Facebook can take a bit longer, if you don’t currently have an audience. However, you can use that same LinkedIn database and invite these LinkedIn connections to your Facebook group. This can be beneficial because prospects are a bit easier to identify on LinkedIn.

By simply launching and managing your Facebook or LinkedIn group, you will generate leads and appointments passively. Why? Because you’re the leader now, and they have a need. Yet, these passive “inbound” leads typically won’t add up to enough to meet your weekly goal for new appointments. To bridge the gap, you need a proactive approach for funneling these prospects into appointments that come from a ‘hosted’ webinar!

Once you’ve got your webinar set up you’re probably wondering, “Where are all the prospects going to come from?”

Knowing how to find your best prospects and ideal clients, and how to connect with them, is the next step.

Yes, you can do ‘paid’ advertising on Twitter and Facebook but you do have other options…

Building a Database on LinkedIn
 Performing an initial database build on LinkedIn requires simply sending connection requests to a large number of targeted prospects. You’ll use the advanced people search (LinkedIn’s search tool) to find qualified prospects and send them a connection request. You’ll want to send at least 300 connection requests in the initial database build. If you really want to go all out, you can send up to 1,500.

The key is including a personalized script in the connection request, which will typically get you 50–70% of prospects to connect with you.

Here’s a simple example of what this script might look like:

Hey First Name,
 I came across your profile here on LinkedIn and enjoy getting to know ‘like minded’ people and thought we could benefit from being connected.
 I hope you agree and am looking forward to hearing back from you and getting to know you better as time goes by
 Your Name

Building a Database on Facebook
 Now, let’s talk about Facebook. Connecting with prospects on Facebook is a bit different.

For one, it is not as easy to search for prospects, and therefore is more difficult to find them. One way around this is to join the groups they hang out in, where you’ll have access to hundreds or thousands of prospects. The alternative is to identify them in other places (like LinkedIn) and then search for them by name on Facebook.

From there, you’ll want to take a two step process to becoming Facebook friends.

Step 1: Send them a message.

Step 2: Follow up with a friend request. Your initial message could look something like this:

Building Your Database Summary

Hey First Name,
 We’re both in the National Association of Direct Marketing
 Group and I thought it wouldn’t hurt to reach out.
 I’m the creator of the Online Marketing MoJo Masterclass Group on FB.
 Maybe we can benefit from being connected there also.
 Your Name

You probably don’t want to send more than 100 per day, in the beginning. It’s also important that each message not be a carbon copy of the next. If Facebook thinks you’re spamming people, they could restrict your account.

Just like the LinkedIn process, doing an initial database build on Facebook can give you a solid foundation of hundreds of new prospects to begin working through the system.

If all you implemented were the first 3 phases of the system that we covered so far, you’d be ahead of 90% of your competitors. Stopping there would be doing yourself a disservice, because there is a way to take it to the next level and to generate a consistent stream of new appointments.

How many new appointments do you need to reach your goals? Some people might need only a few more each month. Others might be looking for 20 each week.

The best way to determine that is to do a quick ROI calculation. How much additional income do you need to bring in? How many new clients will it take to achieve that?

Let’s assume it’s 5 new clients per month. Now, consider how many prospects you need to meet with in order to sign 5 new clients.

Make it conservative though. Too many people overestimate their sales effectiveness.

Think you can close 50%?

Let’s get conservative and make that number 20%. Sound way too low? Great! It’s an awesome feeling to exceed your goals.

Assuming you need 5 new clients a month, at 20% close rate, you’ll need to generate 25 appointments per month.

That’s roughly 6 appointments per week. Now you have a metric that you can track.

If you want to implement every step of the process and generate the best results possible, you’ll want to devote an hour per day.

The cash flow rollercoaster is the leading cause of death for businesses!

Without consistent cash flow, you’re only one downturn away from being out of business.

The way to get off the rollercoaster is to have a steady stream of new opportunities and clients. The way to insure that happens, is to have a system for generating a consistent flow of new leads and appointments.

You need to start getting in front of more prospects.

You need a system for positioning yourself as a leader in your market, so you’re not just another “me too” competitor.

And you must be willing to put in the time to work the processes…

Unfortunately, only a very small percentage of people who read this will actually take action on these ideas and systems.

I trust that you will use this as a shining beacon as you continue your journey toward creating the life and lifestyle of your dreams!

Here’s to your success!


Mark Huber

Mark Huber

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“The best way to predict your future (and dream life) is to create it!”

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