Publicity Stunts!

Do we need ‘em?!

What is publicity anyway? Have we had enough of it? Or worse, can we not get enough of it?

Like or lump it, publicity is everywhere-you just can’t avoid it!

Be it celebrity (often staged as ‘sudden’) appearances in public places; to those massive posters lining train and metro/tube stations and buses; to the salespeople dotted along our high streets and shopping centers/malls; to the overflowing junk mail we get sent (sometimes even with the post) we all get this glaring sense of what publicity is, wherever we are in the world!

These are some of the forms of publicity out there, but there are also types of publicity - i.e. good and bad publicity. Yes, but, you may argue, what about that cliche that goes:-

“All publicity is good publicity.”

What’s this supposed to mean, I hear frustrated minds ask.


I can only offer you my conceptual understanding of what publicity means today. Below, you will find what are the so-called “good” or traditional forms of publicity and - what are perceived to be - their faults:-

1. Press Releases highlighting recent events and updates on businesses and their products/services.

Faults: “So what?!” - is the usual response to these.

2. Websites!

Faults: “ Too many of them”, “Don’t trust them”, “What on earth are they?” (say members of the elderly generations)

3. Social Media

Faults: “Good for being nosy and staying in touch with people based abroad and all that; but ruinous for socializing in the real world. People just don’t wanna meet up any more!”

4. Debate Shows on News Media

Faults: “Excellent forms proclaiming promises that amount to nothing in the end.”

5. Advertorials

Faults: “These are basically adverts disguised as articles that try their best to convince you to buy a certain product or something. What’s the point?!”

Ah yes, what is the point indeed.

Imagine a world where there was no advertising, no publicity, no celebrities. Imagine a world where there would only be news and entertainment - without the commercial breaks and (often hidden) charges.

Would such a world not be missing something? That spark? That buzz, that excitement when we consumers find out something or someone new has entered the scene.

Yes it’s this feeling which publicity generates, my friend - and that’s why we need it!