The State of the Arts #1 — My opening rant

Hello. Was stuck at hello for a while but these are just a series of observations about us as a culture focused startup and what we think is happening to us as Indians and this country as a whole. More also to get to used to writing more.

So were sitting above a packed room at a local bandra theatre that we run called The Cuckoo Club and its a packed house below for a fortnightly comedy show that we run with some of the “bigger” names in stand-up comedy. Its a beautiful room, atleast I like to think so. We’ve put in a lot of effort and learning from setting up the Hive and channelled that into building a new contemporary space that celebrates excellence across a range of performance arts forms….only for it to be called a slum ( the cruder actual word being jhopadpatti) by one of the performers not just ten mins back. I mean wait a minute…Ive heard it too many times before ( Not the slum bit but just got to thinking when the “we love what you do but let me just take a small, cute, fresh and loving poop on you…lovingly.. once in a while..more frequently..oh sorry,too much?..😂

So this is what its like running a company with a team of people that get shit on quite occasionally is like. Its also a flashback to the last time I every performed publically. the 8th standard was a particularly good year for me, I was a decent orator quite active too until one occasion where I decided to publicly air a very harsh opinion about my karate teacher Pravin for making us pay fees and not teach us any karate(none of us were fighting or defending any better)which turned into a larger more public feedback (rant) about the school and its administrators and ultimately my principal Geeta Karan which to my surprise was not taken positively.

My point being I have met a lot of good and bad karate teachers.

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