5 reasons why you should play sports !

Somebody has rightly said that “sports is the greatest physical poetry”.
I have been a great advocate/follower of sports from my childhood and it won’t be wrong to say that one of my most memorable victories in life have come in sports( though I haven’t played even at state level). This is one of the things which separates me from more than 80% janta.

Modern day sports gaining popularity are running and cycling. Young, successful, enthusiastic Indians are ditching their cars( as it’s almost insane to travel in car in Bangalore during weekdays) and cycling to work. One could think of it as a new health fad or a move to save the planet, but there is no denying it signifies a big shift. I also cycle to work at least 3 times a week though my office is nearby. More than the physical workout, it gives me the kick of contributing something for the ever deteriorating environment.

Here I am trying to put forward its benefits and importance especially in current context( sedentary lifestyle in this virtually connected digital world):-

1. Improves focus — I play cricket every Sunday and it’s one of that rare time when I don’t check my Whats App messages or attend any calls. Literally, there is zero disturbance during those 2 hrs. I could use this as a hack to improve my productivity during performing other tasks as well. So, indirectly the game teaches me how to enhance the focus by practicing the diversions.

2. Improves Blood circulation — Sports/focused workout improves our blood circulation which in turn increases brain functions and also helps keep the mind sharp and focused. Playing sports daily for few minutes would also help to manage stress in an efficient way.

3. Team sports teaches you to work in a collaborative environment and under a leader( captain of the team). Different people would play different responsibilities based on their skills and the same rules apply to corporate life.

4. Keeps you fit by improving your immunity — Any physical activity would eventually improve the overall metabolism and immunity of the body which in turn keeps us away from minor seasonal ailments.

5. Helps you to socialize and grow your network — I have known, built and maintained a lot of my social contacts because of sports in college as well as in professional life. If you are good at something, it actually acts as an excellent medium to grow your social network.

I think this is good enough list to impress upon somebody to start some sporting activity though it is always difficult to learn and grow after a certain age. But challenges are what we require in life to makes it interesting and overcoming these provides it the right meaning.

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