Pursuing Your Career In Cosmetology

A Thing of Beauty is a Joy forever” said John Keats. The quality of “beauty-consciousness” is unique to the human civilisation and has been a topic of interest from time immemorial. Different civilisations has nurtured and shaped this concept into an amazing branch of study and application of beauty treatment called Cosmetology.

Cosmetology is the study and application of aesthetic treatments. It is the science which focuses on making people look good. It comprises of many branches which include treatments for skin, hair, body and overall health care. It is a part of medical science that focuses on physical appearance of a person & makes people look good.

There is a wide scope in the profession of cosmetology in India or in other countries. Cosmetology is the promising career for youth because of advancement in the life styles as well as economical growth by large in the country. Youth nowadays are really conscious of how they look and the scope of beauty and cosmetology has increased a lot. Aesthetic Medicine is meeting an unprecedented boom in India, with an increasingly growing number of people in demand of aesthetic care and a consequent need for trained practitioners. Today, a career in cosmetology is lucrative. Most hospitals now have cosmetology centers and the increased awareness in people has ensured a rise in demand for treatments. But the path to becoming a good cosmetic physician/therapist is a long and demanding one.

With a medical background and a cosmetology course, one can practice some of the most popular treatments like laser hair removal, anti-ageing treatments like botox, fillers, and skin rejuvenation treatments like chemical peels etc. The salary of cosmetologists will depend on their earning potential, city, level of experience, etc. in India.

You should note that working in the cosmetology field also requires certain soft skills or personal qualities. You must have excellent customer service skills, listening skills along with the necessary qualification.

People who are interested to become a cosmetologist need to obtain certain educational and licensing requirements. With the right educational qualification and license, cosmetologists can work in several industries and may also be self-employed

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