Major setback for Zee News Editor Sudhir Choudhrie in the Rs.100 cr extortion case!

Zee News Editors Sudhir Choudhrie and Sameer Ahluwalia directed by Supreme Court to bring voice sample in 100 crore extortion case. The court also ordered the Investigating Officer to put forward the transcript of controversial conversation between Sudhir Choudhrie, Sameer Ahluwalia and the industrialist Naveen Jindal.

In an impede to Sudhir Choudhrie and Ahluwalia case, the SC told that petitioners could not be expected to choose what text would be read in voice sample test. The lawyer of the accused editors asked for the copy of the text to be made available to them in advance, but the Supreme Court rejected the plea. The Court also said that the police and Director CFSL will decide the words for voice sample test. The Director of CFSL was asked to provide the text that will then be provided to the petitioners for voice sample test.

This process needs to be completed within two weeks. This happened after the Supreme Court on Wednesday informed Sudhir Choudhrie and Ahluwalia to follow up, failing which they will be sent to jail.

The lawyer of Sudhir Choudhrie and Ahluwalia was told by Justice of India, TS Thakur that they will have to return to jail if they withdrew their approval given to Delhi Police as condition to obtain bail. The Delhi Police raised objections on the editors’ desire to withdraw their approval, by adding that the two editors were given bail only after they had agreed to full support with the investigating agencies.

Sudhir Choudhrie and Ahluwalia were arrested in 2012 after a complaint by Jindal that they had asked for Rs.100 crore for not defaming his firm by showing unfavorable news on their channel. But soon afterwards, Sudhir Choudhrie and Ahluwalia were released on bail.

Sudhir Choudhrie was provided with X category personal security after the BJP government came to power. As Zee is famous as a spokesperson of their party, this security stunt raised many eyebrows, even though the channel has refused all allegations. Subhash Chandra, Zee channel’s owner, came on Live TV, earlier this year to deny allegations of being a BJP supporter.

As a CEO of a Live TV, he was responsible for accusing a ‘sting’ on a Delhi school teacher, Uma Khurana, condemning her of running a prostitution business and involving school kids into it. This made her badly lynched by her family members and further led to her arrest and more humiliation. It was found later that the sting was done to settle scores and the allegations were completely wrong. Sudhir Choudhrie never called his journalist wrong; in fact he ignored all the allegations, moved on, only to be welcomed by Zee News again.