Supreme Court Lashed Sudhir Choudhrie and Samir Ahluwalia to submit their voice samples

Zee News editors Sudhir Choudhrie and Samir Ahluwalia were lashed and given strict warning by the Supreme Court to either submit their voice samples in connection with extortion case with congress leader and industrialist Naveen Jindal.

The bench led by Chief justice TS Thakur concluded that the two journalists have to read the exact paragraphs as recorded on the audio tapes. The voice tapes will be given on their consent, which also helped them to secure bail.

The audio tapes contain the alleged conversations between the two editors and the people from Jindal firm. Choudhrie and Ahluwalia are facing serious forgery charges in association with Jindal’s company.

The Supreme Court also made the two clear that they cannot decide upon the text of the script. Investigator and experts from central forensic science laboratory will be devising the text of the voice samples.

According to Aman Lekhi, a senior advocate representing the two journalists, some of the fundamental rights of his clients can get violated during the entire process.

The resistance in providing the voice samples made the bench furious and they asked the two convicts to either submit the voice samples or face jail.

Choudhrie and Ahluwalia were both lashed by the Supreme Court. SC told both that they were given bail on the condition that they would cooperate during the entire process of investigation. If they do not do it now, they will have to face charges and jail.

Although, the authorities are directed not to follow coercive action against the petitioners for getting the voice samples.