Zee News Editor Sudhir Choudhrie Terms JNU Professor’s Speech Venomous; Gets Bashed

Nivedita Menon, Professor at JNU, delivered a great speech at the university campus which was badly attacked by the Zee News Editor Sudhir Choudhrie who not only labelled her speech malicious, but called it a hate mongering talk replete with nuggets that were enough to stifle with young minds.

Nivedita, who teaches at the Centre for Comparative Politics and Political Theory at the International Studies School in JNU, exclaimed, “Look who’s calling us anti-national! The person who was jailed for demanding Rs. 100cr from Jindal Steel and Powers Limited for not airing negative news, and is an alleged criminal extortionist.”

Menon completely thrashed the editor by publishing a blog on Delhi based Kafila.org, and assured that “I stand by what I have written in kafila” during an interview with News World India.

Rummaging through Choudhrie’s criminal past, Nivedita resurfaced few incidents that pushed her to give a stronger statement, wherein she said “I don’t want to engage with the ‘criminal extortionist’ but would like to clear the video which Zee news aired”.

“Zee News Editors Sudhir Choudhrie and Samir Ahluwalia were arrested in 2012 after a complaint by Jindal Steel and Power Limited that they had demanded Rs 100 crore in return for not airing negative news against the firm. Choudhrie and Ahluwalia were released on bail later. Chaudhary and Ahluwalia were caught on camera demanding Rs 100 crore for not airing negative news against the firm,” she wrote in Kafila.org.

Menon also brought back an instance from his previous employment to everybody’s notice. She talked of his employment at ‘Janmat’ where Sudhir ran a fake sting operation on a school teacher for supposedly running a sex racket, as a result of which she was attacked by a mob on camera. However later it was proved as fake sting in court.

Nivedita gave a bold and clear statement on being questioned about the journalistic ethics of ZeeNews, by saying “I do not watch “news” on a channel that brazenly doctors videos and seems ignorant of minimum levels of journalistic ethics.”

She also added that “the video which Zee News aired in DNA show is not doctored but massively contextualized.”