Sudhir Rakheja’s answer to Why does the pursuit of goals, success, and happiness only cause suffering? — Quora

Who says it only cause Suffering? 
It also gives great pleasure of achieving Goals.

That moment when you Achieve your Goal.

But Simple Fact is that No GAIN without PAIN.

To achieve something sacrifice is always necessary, without loosing something we can never achieve anything.

History also shows that those who have achieved their Goals and become successful, the way towards their success is never easy. They also have faced Various difficulties, they also lost something/someone they Love the most.

Problems comes to Teach us and helps us to Improve our Future Decisions. Problems makes us more Promising.

We should accept this and look from the Life’s Perspective that Life offer us Suffering to us so that we can learn from it and do not repeat our Mistakes again in Life.

“Sufferings Helps us to Increase our Game.”

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