UberMOTO launches in Bangalore today

Let me start by saying I love Uber, but I don’t use it often. I used Uber extensively when I travelled to the bay area for work and then again for fun with family. Uber was cheaper than renting a car for spot travels. I was there when UberPool was launched in San Francisco. Boy it was great, though took almost 20% more time. As they say “time is money” you can get one, not both.

As I write this, UberMOTO launches in Bangalore, second city post the Bangkok launch last month.

Source: Uber: https://newsroom.uber.com/india/ubermotoblr/

Here is some math on why its more economical for people who already own their mode of transportation (bike/ car).

My office in Bangalore is about 11 km from my home and takes me about 45–60 minutes one way. Yes I know, that’s pretty good by Bangalore standards. So at the current pricing of UberMOTO @ 15 (base) + 3 (/km) x 11 + 45 (Rs 1/ min) = 93 x 2 = 186/ day.

Assuming bikes take 25% less time to navigate through the traffic ~ 82 x 2 = 164/ day

My car gives me an average of 15 kmpl. So I spend ~ 1.5 liter/ day, i.e. about INR 90/ day (@ INR 60/liter). About 45% less than what UberMoto charges.


My annual cost to commute to-from office

  1. Gas/ month ~ INR 1936 (annual = 23,232)
  2. Yearly Maintenance ~ INR 6,000 (assuming twice a year @ INR 3000/ service)
  3. Annual spent = 29,232

Annual cost with UberMOTO = 43,296 (without SURGE pricing ;)

So if you already own a car/ bike it’s 32% economical to go with your own transport giving you the flexibility, safety, comfort and can listen to music while driving, but takes 25% more time.

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