All depends on how you pitch in

A man goes to a shop to buy iPhone 8.
- How much?
 - 85,000. Cash or credit?
- Would you accept a kidney?

Jokes apart, most people are generally interested to check out any new product, regardless of the price they come for or individual affordability. Quality, of course, comes with a price.

Apple launched their new product at late night India time 2 days earlier. Live webcast was followed by many dedicated apple users.

Today, India’s Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi launched the foundation stone for the first bullet train that will cover 500+ kilometers in under three hours.

Live webcast was available and publicized through all the leading portals today afternoon.

Status, no-status, ease-of-use, etc. the debate goes on. And I love all who participated in the healthy debate and posting their comments on my Facebook page.

If you wish to look inside yourself just a little bit, sometimes; 
If you even try to feel a little selfless, sometimes; 
If, in a relaxed state, introspect and try to disown yourself from materialistic possession 
And, for a change, try to find out what’s happening in your own country instead of finding happiness in international stories and brands; 
Someday, I believe, you should, you must 
Be able to ask yourself — 
What stopped me from donating just a handful of bucks in a charity for the sake of my own country’s development?

Development should not only mean self-development and career growth. Success can never be measured in money. Empathy is essential to understand others people sufferings. If you lack it, no matter how many degrees you attain or how much money you earn, your education will remain unfulfilled.