4 easy tips on how to answer 'Tell me something about yourself, apart from what is mentioned in your resume'

So… tell me something about yourself apart from what is mentioned in your resume?

What does it mean?

Impress me especially when I'm busy reading you or your resume or just not interested in you!

We've all been in this position and have tried to stumble upon the perfect answer but (sadly) haven't! I'll share a few tips on how to answer this question.

Talk in a chronological order, always.

Start with your latest educational qualification and any accomplishments that you have. Never start with the oldest. It takes too much time to come to the point. And time is of the essence, my boy!

Stress on the accomplishments that matter for the requisite job.

Voice modulation is required here. A little stress in your tone will do the magic. Girls, please don't stress too much it hurts the ears. Guys, don't stress and end up shouting!

Share what you've accomplished by any 'meaningful' experience.

Always show that you are a learner and not a stagnant rot. We all learn something from an experience. Share it, and show how it has helped you become better. And also how it has made you a better choice than others especially for the job you are applying for. For example. due to some illness you were advised bed rest and that's when you started learning about UX designs and writing and gradually observed many well-known brands and their UX styles.

End with how 'you' can be of help.

This is a tricky one. You cannot sound boastful and haughty, but you also can't afford to be all complacent and silly. Weave a story and end it with a moral kinda theme that shows how you are a better choice than others. That's the point!

Bonus tip: Always smile and put emotions in whatever you say.

Surely no one likes a grim and dead candidate. Unless they're hiring zombies! The interviewer is also a human, eager to have a light and productive conversation with you. So give him/her one!

I've faced 11 interviews till now and have (fortunately) cleared all of them. I guess these will help you clear yours!

Cheers! My beer ends. Your learning starts!!

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