Being a Social Media Strategist: Lessons My Teammates and I Learned.

I've been a social media strategist for my organization and it has been a challenging and enthralling experience for me. I had a small team of 3 and we 3 musketeers led our campaign of branding our organization. Here are some lessons we learnt along the way.

You can't make everyone happy. There will always be someone who got offended by your posts. #IgnoreThem

There would always be a huge surge of likes and then waves of dislikes on posts. And you will scramble every nerve to understand why? #ObserveThePost

Fresh content will remain a challenge as long as you are unfocused. Have a vision and use some tools to find new content. Or even ideas for them. #BeFocussed

Quality content is important. It was. It is. And shall forever be. Read the best posts and see what makes them masterpieces. #QualityContent

Content will have many definitions and you have to know all of them. Not just the good old text rich content. infographics, vlogs, blogs, tweets, insta-texts et al. you gotta know or, at least have an idea about each one of them. #AvatarsOfContent

Structure of content keeps changing but the sole soul is the target audience. #AllForThePeople

Content calendar is your Jarvis. Without a content calendar, you will be left stranded in a dark room and you'll never know where to shoot. #CalendarRocks

Variety is the spice of life. Yes, and also of social media. Give your audience a balanced diet of tweets, how-to's, gifs, instagrams, videos, and posts. #VaryContent

Always have a plan b. In fact, you should have a plan c,d,e…. because social media gives you a lot of chances to make your presence known and shine. #TryYourArseOff

Never Give Up!

Don't worry about the pixels of a picture but do look at the grammar of the verbal content. Yeah, high-resolution pics won't bring you loyal fans but a proper usage of your and you're will. #Proofread

If it's sensitive then keep no loose ends. Netizens will rip you apart with that one loose end. And you'll be eternally trolled. #NoLooseEnds

Be crazy. Be creative. Be creatively crazy and crazily creative. This is the only platform where you can be all that you want to be albeit with a little explanation (later if you're unlucky) #CrazyCreative

Follow the trend. Know what's happening around you and keep your content close to it. But yeah, don't get lost in the crowd. #KeepingUpWithTheJones

Keeping Up With The Jones!

Perspective articles shine long. Write a piece of your opinion or share a pic showing your take on something and you will have a lot of eyes on you. #WYO

How's and why's articles also attract a lot of viewers. They, however, must be informative and not debatable. The latter will stale after a time, the former evergreen. #InformativeContent

Content related to the general emotions of the people will also hook up your page with people. But only for a short while and also, you'll have to be very very fresh. #ConnectWithEmotions

All of the above experiences we had ran a common thread- hitting the emotions of the consumers. Content should be able to tickle the tear vein of the reader. Make them feel understood or cared or wanted or just loved.

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