My Support of Hillary Clinton and My Role as a Superdelegate
Earl Blumenauer

Thank you for this. It explains very well what I have been trying to explain to those who object to superdelegates making their own decisions. I feel that, if a superdelegate were to vote automatically in accordance with his/her state’s popular vote, then why even have them? (Actually, I think that would be shirking their unique responsibility.) The superdelegates should use their own judgement, often based on their firsthand experience working with the candidates or other knowledge of how the system works, what the job entails, and what qualities would be most effective. It IS about leadership. This became more clear to me when I attended events and heard certain NH superdelegates (elected officials, one a US Senator who had worked with both, said she liked and admired both, but had specific reasons for supporting Clinton) explain why they were endorsing Hillary, before the NH primary even had occurred. (If the voters who elected most of the superdelegates don’t like their judgment, they are of course free not to vote for them in the future.) Even if you were not supporting Hillary, I would appreciate this explanation and respect your reasons. But, I am glad that you are.