Hotter Earth, Lesser Food — This is the Future

As nations will be meeting in Paris later this year to discuss climate issues, EU has already made it clear what they need. An EU document says that they want to cut climate emissions 60% by 2050. As the earth is getting warmer each passing year, agriculture is one of the most affected sectors owing to climate change impact. One of the main talking points in the Paris summit should be food and hunger.

Researchers have pointed out that the average yields of wheat and barley per field have been suffering after rising rapidly only two decades ago. Yield of wheat per field are now down 2.5% and barley by 3.8%. This is bad news as wheat is one of the world’s staples and the largest source of vegetable protein. As yields of major crops are coming down, the threat of population explosion is always on the rise. According to a research, world population will increase to between 9.6 billion and 12.3 billion in 2100. There are also projections that within a decade, 2.9 billion people in 48 nations will face acute water shortage. The food resources are depleting, earth is getting hotter and there will be a lot more people around. This is the future we are looking at. We are arriving there at a high pace and it looks catastrophic.

Plant cover and harvests all over the world are falling down. As many people are being added, the climate too will be getting worse. By the time we are 12.3 billion, temperatures would have risen by 4°C and sea levels by a meter. Our lands will be less productive due to natural catastrophes as well. As the top fertile layer of soil will be washed away by floods or erosion or overgrazing, we will be producing lesser food.

There will be more people and increasing number of those will have little or no access to food or even water. Add the discomfort and harmful consequences of the climate. Everything which is dangerous will be accelerating around us and we, as a society, will be threatened to the brink.

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